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June 19,
Beyond the borders of madness and imagination! 8D
Monster Girl Harem 8D
October 1, 2009
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This is how I would like to spend my free time all the time. 8D


I usually see things differently than other people. I am always curious and have lots of questions. When I make decisions I need time to think about the possibilities. I like to explore and figure out how everything around me works. I don't mind being alone and doing the things I enjoy. I usually don't talk about my feelings. I prefer to talk about ideas and things. I like to study things that interest and challenge me. I question rules and authority until I understand the reasons for them. I get bored with routine. Things are seldom black and white; they have endless possibilities. I have fun with games and activities that challenge me and interest me.

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Rabbiac | 08-27-14, 2:08 AM
Think I removed it due to the fact that little people used it and posted in comments instead :/

Anyway I'll add it to relations ;)

RedDogSlay | 06-18-14, 11:41 PM


Rabbiac | 06-14-14, 6:38 AM

Rabbiac | 06-12-14, 4:14 PM

Save & Rehost
Let me know if there are any problems

Rabbiac | 05-11-14, 9:47 AM
Monster Girls <3 Card Delivery!

Sorry for the delay, but I'm lazy >.<

Save & Rehost
Let me know if there are any problems

SydoKiller | 05-03-14, 1:40 AM
Ahahah, Elsee made it for me and... Mon? I don't remember lol
Anyway yeah, super freakin cool ù_ù

Ask Elsee to make you one too if you want XD

Rabbiac | 01-11-14, 8:26 AM
Monster Girls <3 Card Delivery!

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Rabbiac | 12-11-13, 3:05 AM
Obligatory post to everyone that I accept as a friend :P

Rabbiac | 12-11-13, 2:22 AM
Haha :P

Anyway, how may I be of service? :3

Rabbiac | 11-17-13, 5:40 AM

Monster Girls <3 Card Delivery!

Sorry for the delay >.<
Anyway here are your card(s) in the link(s) below ^_^

Save & Rehost
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lukavminaev | 11-07-13, 4:51 AM

Due to completion of our location dictionary. We ask for your cooperation to help us colecting information about your MSG Story.

Hi ... :D
We are from MSG - Location Dictionary Officers

We want to ask you about the structure (ruin, tomb, palace, building, etc) that you added in your story.

We included a tiled map to help you locate it.
Tiled map can be found bellow

For example, "Holstaurus Farm"/"Noel's Farm" from my story :

Location : small island south western from the main land. From western part of it 6 tiles east then 3 tiles north.
Or if you want to refer to another city; from Alnor 55 tiles south then 75 tiles west.

Short description :A Farm built at the south west of the south western island in Lord's Amarante region.
The structure included 1 simple house (more like a barn) and wide plain yard with no fence. Behind the structure, there is shallow river that cut the farm area from the sparse forest. Also there is small bridge without fence above the river to connect the road to the sparse forest.

(!!!becarefull not to spoil too much!!!)

Lores (this is refer to which chapter in your story that mostly describe it, if there isn't then just refer to first time you visit it, can be more than one chapter) : I stretch my arm again, and look around trying to locate the yard she told me. And then, I notice … this is the only house here, surrounded by wide plains grassland mixed with some savanna. I can see forest far away there, except at left side of the house which seems close to the forest. There is small really bridge who connect to the forest, you can go across it with only two wide steps. Under it there is Small clean River. Also, there are usual savanna trees from both side of the house. ~ Chapter 5

That's it, just like that.

Altough even you not making it, I will track it dirrectly from your story. But it will consume time, and no one know better about their story than the writer am i right? ;)

Oh, also you can make travel route from the same tiled map.

Day 1 (arrival) : From "Holstaurus Farm"/"Noel's Farm" 10 tiles west then 2 tiles south.
Day 2 - current day : "Holstaurus Farm"/"Noel's Farm"

Just where the event mainly occured, something like "circling arround house far away 5 times and then decided to go in" doesn't have to be recorded.

madson007 | 06-18-13, 9:19 AM
Cause i didn't know that there was such a group, just check now you'll see XD

Rabbiac | 06-06-13, 5:12 AM

Save & Rehost
Let me know if there is any problems

CaptMalone | 03-14-13, 3:06 PM

Hollow90 | 03-14-13, 7:44 AM
Your admin status is suspended until futher notice..

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