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April 6, 1988
Adelaide, Australia
March 25, 2008
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Limonene | 12-08-14, 1:38 PM

link9us | 03-23-11, 3:15 AM
I have seen all the tsubasa chronicles and i still don't understand how they are meeting other faces in each world. What gets me is that one lady under Fei wong, specifically stated that "they don't realize that they have actually met these people before" Also i can't help but look at some of the expressions on some of the faces, they just stand there with that long gazes. Especially Tomoyo. like they know who sakura or sauyran really is but there all keeping secret bout it. I call Bull shit on the fact that tomoyo had a dream about princess tomoyo lol i mean come on!! Also the guy from the snow country and that one other guy, were both at the same country and they came into the piffle world as well. He also stated that "every person you meet in other worlds, though they have difference faces, some of them may be the same people you met in other worlds"

These little hints are just killing me. I want to know damnit! But it sucks that they don't reveal that in the series at all.

Its just all confusing to me and im kind of dissapointed that they didn't explain it. I mean is this whole thing an entire set up or something. I just find it hard to believe out of millions of people in each world that they run into faces that have seen before, there is no way can just be a coincidence. Specially in season 2 when it starts to become more common. To me it sounds like a major set up orchestrated by someone behind the scenes and all the characters that they meet are all part of the plan or something. i dont know. Its weird. I understand that SHeshiro was actually one person that they met that was traveling worlds along with them, he was apparently the only person that wasn't from that particular world, that was probably my most favorite part in the series out of the 2 seasons.

This whole plot really confuses me and some one told me that to, unless you read the manga, that your missing out on alot of vital information. Guess they were right.

Dooropens | 03-16-11, 11:09 AM
Hi. Check out my Agatha Christie's Poirot CLUB if you want. If you like it, please join :O

EternalFate | 08-08-10, 3:51 AM

francismeunier | 04-23-10, 5:44 AM
See......I told you I would make it some time after all now so I am going to take advantage of that.

francismeunier | 04-23-10, 2:15 AM
I will say something....was just's coming up.

francismeunier | 01-03-10, 11:49 AM
So how do you like my extra character extension list? Not bad but I am thinking of making it better eventually.

DarkArts666 | 06-12-09, 9:11 AM
kool thanks

DarkArts666 | 06-12-09, 6:41 AM
welcome to mal

wingsofshadowss | 10-09-08, 4:42 AM
Thankyou so much! It was Sister Princess RePure. I thought i would never know what it was called. Thanks again ^^

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