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January 7, 1994
The Hidden Sand Village, Saudi Arabia
March 17, 2009
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Andressina | 01-07-15, 6:10 AM
happy birthday!

Orulyon | 09-25-12, 1:57 PM
Sure, its from the manga/anime Zetsuen no tempest. You´re welcome^.^

Esteves | 09-19-12, 12:58 PM
Sorry for taking so long to answer.

Did you found me in VioLink's profile? ^^

TWEWY is my favourite game and It seems that the possible sequel won't be a prank.

I couldn't find your friend request so I'm sending one to you õ/

Fiji | 08-20-12, 11:50 AM
Since you told me, I gave it a read. And I would say the story is kinda unique.
Though I didn't like it very much. The "marry me" part in manga didn't surprise me on this one. That "marry me" line always catches me off guard in manga.

Somehow, I can't see this manga as a series. But that would be interesting if it happens. I guess people really have differences when it comes to romance.

Fiji | 08-18-12, 9:00 PM
Yeah, I think the question went like this.

Lutz: Jonah, if a plane has 14 wheels, how many wheels will 3 planes have?
Jonah: (thinking)...
Jonah: A lot.
Everyone: (Laughs their ass off!)

Ahahahahaha. Too much LOL. Seriously, I cannot wait for the season 2: Perfect Order.

Okay, I am curious. Your profile picture. Which manga is that from?

Fiji | 08-17-12, 10:03 AM
Shipping? Hehehehehe. I am not very fond of that when it comes to Pokemon.

Okay, a topic right off the bat. Yes, I loved Jormungand too. Love the gun action. Haven't seen a gun action this awesome since Lupin III.

Koko is a very big troll too. She always scheme something... that's why I love her character. Jonah too, when he is being made fun of... also his innocence... (I am not scared of doing the operations, but I am scared of the needles!) LOL!

Hystery | 08-17-12, 9:49 AM
Im good. :)

Fiji | 08-16-12, 9:28 AM
Thanks for the add. Ahahahaha.
I cannot wait for the new game, the Black & White 2.

I think her character design is cool... having donuts on her head. Ahahahaha. I always play the boy... but I hate the boy design on this game... thus I chose Mei, the girl.

Just comment me anytime, I like talking to people here... and I hate people who doesn't reply. :) I am very active in the forums, so you might see me there also.

Hystery | 08-16-12, 7:17 AM
Thanks for the add.

How are ya?

takishima_kei | 08-16-12, 12:55 AM
tnx for accepting my request!!

VioLink | 08-11-12, 8:38 PM
Seeing so many Penguindrum/Ikuhara fans on MAL makes me tear up.

VioLink | 08-11-12, 8:01 PM
Oh never mind I see you in the thread. Nice signature.

VioLink | 08-11-12, 7:37 PM
Thanks for the friend request!! Did you hear the news that Ikuhara is starting a new project related to MP called "penguinbear"?

JMSH | 07-24-12, 6:55 PM

Kaim | 07-08-12, 6:42 PM
you were wondering whats my dp's character is?
well its Hibari Kyouya from hitman reborn

i see ur from saudi arabia :)

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