Matsu, Takeshi

Matsu, Takeshi

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Birthday: Unknown
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Doujin Circles: Masamune Kokichi

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Anata wo Aishiteyamazu
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Go West
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Gokujou Oyaji!!
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Happy Guys
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Hishochi no Dekigoto
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Itsuka wa Kuma Goroshi!!
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Nikutaiha Gachi!
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Omoi Omoware Suri Surare
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Oyaji Ana no Mujina
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Sanbiki ga Iku!!!
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Shinmai Ginkouin Kuriyuu Kouji no Junan
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Susume! Riku, Kai, Kuu!!
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Tai-chan Kou-chan
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Takuhai Spirits!!
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Tsumina Yatsu
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RachelPanda | 01-16-14, 8:33 PM
Ah Yes, Iwaki's Apartment for Youth! (Iwaki's Apartment) missing from listed manga. Found at:

xXSilverSoulxX | 11-17-12, 6:06 PM
Awww Takeshi Matsu's mangas are cute :3 <3

Kaizoku_Mugiwara | 10-31-12, 5:55 PM
We need more of his manga.

Vendetta_ | 04-17-12, 4:33 AM
This guy, Tsukumo Gou and Mentaiko are my holy trinity. Forever and ever. Amen.

Meepo- | 02-10-11, 7:00 AM
om nom nom

adorable musclemen ftw

ainthemix | 08-18-10, 11:48 AM
<3 Favorited long time ago. <333

sanggol_jade | 08-17-10, 7:33 PM

shinkeikaku | 08-13-10, 6:41 PM
You're the best. Cute and manly indeed.

ainthemix | 07-06-10, 5:24 AM
Bara god, indeed. <3

Brand | 12-07-09, 6:43 PM
I love his stuff and how it is often cute yet manly...

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