Katou, Haruaki

Given name: ハルアキ
Family name: カトウ
Birthday: Dec 19, 1981
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Associated name: Sanada Eleven [真田ジューイチ]
Birthplace: Aichi prefecture
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Hyakko OVA
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Abnormal-kei Joshi
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xurimx | 03-18-14, 10:26 AM
OMG!!! Abnormal kei Joshi is so good. Please keep up the good work :D
Im very impressed by this manga, I thought I have seen enough of harem but this is unique.

_cyllo | 08-01-13, 2:29 AM
Oh god seriously he's a genius for creating Abnormal-kei Joshi, but his work is tooooo slow (like 1vol/year) and Im dying waiting every chapter ;___________;
Please, I want more AJ!!!! <3

shintai88 | 04-15-13, 6:37 AM
Abnormal Kei Joushi is awesome. XD

Ale1212 | 03-02-13, 11:19 PM
After reading the first 3 chapters of Abnormal-kei Joushi i checked this page to see his previous works and when i saw he was the author of hyakko i was like "wtf" haha

Vendetta_ | 11-21-12, 4:24 PM
Abnormal Kei Joushi sounds interesting and it is a VERY different story from the other his manga lol. Seems legit.

krienkrion | 08-29-12, 8:00 PM
no impact in his manga & anime

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