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Love Monster (Manga)

Love Monster

Alternative Titles

Japanese: ラブ・モンスター


Type: Manga
Volumes: 12
Chapters: 82
Status: Finished
Published: 2002 to 2005
Authors: Miyagi, Riko (Story & Art)
Serialization: Margaret


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Normal girl and monster guy type set up.
Two ecchi-ish love stories involving monsters/demons. The plots are very different, but these two stories have similar feel. Though Akuma is much more smut than love monster
reportRecommended by as3 - Add to favorites
Both have a strong male lead, desire climax is probably alot more smut yet love monster has its indications. Over powering males with alot of status and overwhelming storylines
reportRecommended by Kimi- - Add to favorites
there similar in a way with the monster high school n the human getting sent there after failing there high school exams...the only diffrences is in love monster its a girl n in this manga its a boy....but there both really good n ecchi...also the adventure n constent battles wit other monsters...if u luv this manga i believe u would deffitnly like love monster....
they're both the same in the way that...... gakuen alice, students possess diff. kinds of alices and they're not allowed to go outside the school with a strong barrier w/ it, as well as in Love monster students are gathered in a school who are monsters..
[how is this both similar? they're stuck up in one school because they're diffrent from ordinary humans and so why they're gathered up in a school]
reportRecommended by ka-ki - Add to favorites
Both situated at a school, and both mangas give me the same sort of feel and contain ecchi.
this manga reminds me of it becuse of the main girl always almost geting kidnapped and how the main guy saves her.
both mangas have a girl who has a monster/monsters as love interests that are willing to protect them.
Girl falls in love with a supernatural being who is always protecting her.
Both are for mature audiences. Both have a vampire who, after drinking a certain white crows(Love Monster) or dhampirs(human with ancestry of a vampire+human union)(Nekrateholic) blood, demand that no one elses blood would fully "satisfy their taste".
Both girls have fiances because of their Father . Both school settings have mostly male students .
love monster is really similar to this manga in how all the guys chase the girl around and in how pervy the manga is if you liked this manga you will most likley like love monster^_^
Both are for mature audiences. Both have a vampire who, after drinking a certain white crows(Love Monster) or humans(Midnight Secretary) blood, demand that no one elses blood would fully "satisfy their taste".
These two mangas have something that makes me feel that they are alike in some way , they both talk about a girl who gets involved with '' monsters '' like vampires and other creepy creatures
Both fantasy/romance/comedy.

Also the same in the way that the main character first rejects the boy but is basically taken by force, in the case has no choice, then ends up falling in love.
Both have a crow theme running through them and have a romantic feel to them.
These manga are very similar in the art and atmosphere. Probably because they are by the same author. They are somewhat stereotypical shoujo stories with endearingly helpless female leads. The male romantic lead in each case is a boy that takes care of the girl, but there are many other potential romantic interests. Both also have a slightly sexual undertone.
Both the main characters have hidden powers who were unaware. Both the stories are really funny but Love Monster is more complete.
Both have a female protagonist who enrolls into a magical school unknowingly. Love Monster has a school for monsters, while Hakobune Hakusho has a school for animals who can change into humans. Both have a cute feel. Both have romance. Love Monster is more mature.
This is another one of those mangas where the girl is forced to marry someone who she does not like but later then actually ends up falling in love with him. I love mangas like this, if you like Love Monster your gonna love Hanayomesama Wa 16-Sai. Hope you like it!
Both titles have girls who fall in love with Monster/Devils. They also both have smutty and cute/romantic moments.
A normal human girl entering a monster/beast school. Although in Love Monster, the lead is revealed to be half monster/half human.
They don't really resamble each other, but i chose them beacause the're both about love. Love in the mask is about a girl who has to disguise herself as a boy and the other is about a girl who has to do t a school full of monsters. They both fall in love and a lot of stuff'll like them:d
The lead guy is head-over-heels crazy in love with the female lead, who is a bit of a tsundere (cause she doesn't take the guy's feelings that seriously and can be mean/hurtful at times). They're also utterly dense and at times, too naive.
The mangas are also similar since the lead characters seem to be separate from everyone else, having their own little world, and EVERYONE looks up to/adores them.
We can also see a whole lot of I'm-using-the-girl-you-love-the-most against the male protagonists.
dominant male and weak female protagonist. Somewhat smut.
both dealing with girls that suddenly fall into a world of demons and monsters
Although the two mangas have somewhat different plots, they both have the same vibe. Both female characters are weak and are pretty much harassed by guys around them. Both female main characters end up having a relationship with a popular male. R17 and LM have random sex scenes which don't exactly fit in with the story and just seem to be there for the sake of it.
Both mangas have the same kind of feel to them. The 'female' lead ends up getting saved by the male 99% of the time... There's a few smuttish scenes in both. And monsters galore!
both are about humans who are in a situation with youkai (monsters) and a one-sided romance.
It's about the same legend Amateratsu and Susanoo.
reportRecommended by Elie - Add to favorites
Both are about a girl who gets sent to a place with monsters and finds out she's engaged to a monster. Evil monsters are after the girls and their fiance is protecting them and learning them how to use their own power. Although Love Monster has more chapters and is way better, I think you'll love them both.
They both have a very strong overbearing Male lead that won't take no for an answer. If you enjoy that type of relationship in either one of them, then you will definitely like the other.
Storywise they're not similar. But there's always a new bishie for every story arc who will fall for the heroine. And the guys are far from a gentlemen.
the art is really kawaii, and you'll really get to like the characters
Both mangas have monsters, romance and a cute story. Even the characters seem a little similar. If you like one, you'll like the other.
reportRecommended by as3 - Add to favorites
Both have girls who become involved with thier school werid student councils. The main characte in both has a special destiney. Also Ikuto in Shugo Chara! is as smexy and perverted as Kurou, with a similar dark past.
It's atmosphere goes along with the combination Akuma de Sourou (The Devil Does Exist), Love Monster, And Akuma na Eros since they all have the same sort of atmosphere and involve a dark romance though Akuma de Sourou (The Devil Does Exist) carries on as though the protagonist is "devil-like".
They are both smitty mangas with special monsters at school, while the female lead seems to an ordinary girl she turns out to be the White Crow. This story also has the son of the Ice Queen, Vampires, Werevolves, Kitsune and all these stuff in it.
Ten no Ryuu is much more innocent, but both stories are about a girl, who thought she was "normal", enrolling into a school full of monsters/demons
reportRecommended by as3 - Add to favorites
LM is a little more echi-ish, but both seem like really cute, funny love stories
reportRecommended by as3 - Add to favorites
Monsters at school, female leads who surpass expectations, love and of course a nice little twist. Plus both are just great.
reportRecommended by as3 - Add to favorites
The plots are different, but here are two really great fantasy romances. Both are great, have a similar feel and are light, funny and entertaining, though Love Monster is definitely more ecchi.
reportRecommended by as3 - Add to favorites
LM is much more light-hearted and smut, but both have romance and mystery in an unusual school, and a twist in the end...
reportRecommended by as3 - Add to favorites
The art sometimes reminds me of Moe Kare!! Also, they both are perverted in a way and in both the perverted-ness dies down once you get into it. Both have sweet innocent stories that could bring tears to your eyes and if you liked one, you'll probably like the other.
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