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Sunoshi | 12-29-14, 10:42 PM
Yo BlackKnightZero

BlackKnightZero | 08-23-13, 11:03 AM
Hi im new)
Onuzuka rock

kuro_batbat | 06-26-13, 4:05 AM

kuro_batbat | 06-25-13, 4:08 AM
Hiii everyone I've just joined your club. It rocks !! Onizuka rocks !! ahah nice to meet you mina :) (sorry i'm french -> dick in english héhé)

Wolf79 | 01-01-13, 6:23 AM
Anyone in the club into fanfiction?

rex123 | 08-06-12, 4:49 AM

TBSM | 05-16-12, 8:04 PM
GTO is one of the few manga that you MUST read.

Aaron44 | 09-18-10, 6:15 PM
hey whats up

rickyrock | 08-03-10, 4:06 PM
u have alway the manga ^^

JM1 | 08-03-10, 11:56 AM
I would really like more anime GTO!!!!!And i love the second GTO opening Hitori no Yoru!!!!

rickyrock | 07-27-10, 4:35 AM

cap. 22-23 is OUUT!!!!!!!


rickyrock | 07-04-10, 4:32 PM
I was checking around for some info to GTO S.14...

and this it what I found:

1.the one/group that scanlated stopped due to real life issues

2. they are dropping it cause they got no translator for it


and it seems that vol.3 is out in Japan

Guzva | 07-04-10, 6:18 AM
anyone has info about new gto shonan 14 days chapters? is there someone translating them? I'm at chappter 22, and cant find anymore. <.<
btw if someone wants raws, you can get them here:

IppoSRB | 07-03-10, 6:36 PM
This question has been bugging me for almost a year now and i never found an answer to it...
So if anyone knows.... What's the background song in this series... It is constantlly played when something cool happens, (when onizuka saved Kanzaki from falling off the bike, i dont remember really)...
So if anyone knows, please PM me.

rickyrock | 03-30-10, 11:31 AM
AAAAAAA when does the next cap come out -.-)

anyone ??

batman3456 | 03-16-10, 7:54 PM
Wait why did he move to California?

hythloth | 03-06-10, 5:10 PM
Yes, I completed this for a long time ago but i still have its episodes and watch it again sometimes(it's rare to me)...

Mad_Matt | 02-20-10, 10:47 AM
GTO is the best SCHOOL Anime Forever

It should be like this in MY opinion. 8D

Octavanius | 02-19-10, 1:42 AM
Quote @-ray1- "GTO is the best Anime Forever"
+1 that

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