Beautiful Romance Scenes's Comments

the_bloody_rose | 12-03-11, 5:10 AM
anyone on??

freduy5 | 12-12-10, 3:15 PM
Cards Done and Delivered~

freduy5 | 11-06-10, 5:54 PM
Sorry for da lateness of the cards :X
Finishing the late one X3

TheGreenNinja | 10-31-10, 11:59 AM
Happy Halloween everyone!

TheGreenNinja | 10-30-10, 8:22 AM
Cool. ^^

freduy5 | 10-28-10, 5:37 PM
@TheGreenNinja Yes you can,

TheGreenNinja | 10-28-10, 3:42 PM
I was wondering if I could help make member cards as well?

freduy5 | 10-26-10, 6:58 PM
~Membership cards will be here soon so remember to check back here soon~ REMEMBER TO INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!!

TheGreenNinja | 10-26-10, 1:46 PM
Hello! ^_^

Chidori1 | 10-26-10, 5:08 AM
Hi!!Thanks for invite me!! and hi

freduy5 | 10-25-10, 9:59 PM
Good Morning :3

Princess510 | 10-24-10, 9:28 PM
morning =3

iGummyBear | 10-24-10, 9:05 PM
Awww such a cute club!! Lolz this is gonna be the first club I've joined on MAL

kaoru269 | 10-24-10, 7:52 PM
This seems like it is going to be a great club! Is there anyway that the name of the manga or anime the scene is from can also be added? Just in case others don't know where the scene is from. Can't wait for more pics! <3

Shouichirou | 10-23-10, 4:12 PM
thanks for the invite and also looking forward to the club's growth aha.

On a side note, noticed that there a lot of pictures (as well as the cover image) about "Moe Kare". Found that manga to be great lol.

RebornAgain | 10-23-10, 9:43 AM
I promise to make this club the bomb

RebornAgain | 10-23-10, 9:42 AM
Thnks for joining

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