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mikuruhi | 08-15-14, 11:38 PM
lol yeah, and he is enjoying it to the fullest :3

Ailisa | 08-08-14, 12:27 AM
That was a gift from Mei.

mikuruhi | 07-30-14, 2:01 PM

Ailisa | 07-04-14, 2:01 AM
or better

Ailisa | 07-04-14, 2:00 AM
more like

Manjuu | 07-04-14, 1:38 AM

Ailisa | 07-04-14, 12:56 AM
ill make an exception. everyone..

mikuruhi | 06-15-14, 1:50 PM
I'm not sure what you mean but this club isn't as active as it used to be.

136_bloodygore | 06-10-14, 3:14 AM
Before it's not active?

mikuruhi | 04-19-14, 10:06 PM
Hi, welcome to the club! Not sure how active we are in here but feel free to join :3

136_bloodygore | 04-19-14, 9:20 AM
Hello there, I'm new here. Nice too meet you all.

mikuruhi | 12-28-13, 12:24 PM
kind of a hard to get to place though D:

Manjuu | 12-06-13, 5:41 PM
Use it more. :v

mikuruhi | 12-02-13, 1:35 PM
i think it's on the 2nd shelf somewhere :o

Manjuu | 11-24-13, 6:59 AM
Where's the love for Alice? :o

mikuruhi | 11-23-13, 9:10 PM
that'd be awesome, it'd be easier to move around in too :D

Ailisa | 11-22-13, 9:14 PM
i want horns so ill be suika next.

mikuruhi | 11-21-13, 12:20 AM
well we are already wingless to begin with so it can't be that bad :D but that's awesome, keep it up :3

Ailisa | 11-20-13, 2:14 PM
haha maybe if u dont mind being wingless i really the red dress so im fine with it. :)

well if u ever did make new member card i can try to help but i dont think i will be able to because like miku-tan i dont have as much free time as i usually do. Also i dont have ps anymore but i still have gimps.

mikuruhi | 11-16-13, 7:20 PM
it still must have been a good flan though :3

i'm not sure but i'm really bad at making anything and i lack the time to do so too :/
hmm.. that would probably bring in some more people but i'm not sure how well it'd work overall, but it's a good start :3

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