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1,390 replies by DaisukeBakudan »»
09-12-14, 10:25 PM
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09-11-14, 12:40 PM
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09-02-14, 11:35 AM
Recognition problems: post here ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
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08-23-14, 9:04 AM
MAL Updater isn't recognizing my anime
8 replies by Kotori »»
08-22-14, 10:40 PM

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Club Comments
Zenas | 09-03-14, 9:30 AM
Uh.... Yeah.
That is one way of putting it.

Kotori | 09-03-14, 8:45 AM
ShanaProject support is on schedule with Half-Life 3 release date.

Zenas | 09-03-14, 5:25 AM
Considering how some things in MALU2 need updating, that are very little work(MSN plugin anyone?). I strongly doubt Kotori is willing to put in a lot of work to add Shana Project so there is a temporary solution until comes back up.

I know I would not be willing to do this, at least. That is for sure. As it is probably a few days work alone, with the chance of this resolving in the meantime.. No, I strongly doubt it. (Unless of course, the code has been written so optimal that only url/api address and few commands have to be tweaked and that is it... but chances of that are near nill, even if MALU is written that way the website needs to be similar too...)

Mind you, it is not as simple as adding the url for the website and done. :)

Noboru | 09-02-14, 2:46 PM
And it seems to be fixed, they did a rollback of the database for the anime entries:

komic | 09-02-14, 2:23 PM
kotori, is it possible to add ShanaProject to the torrent checker with all that's going one.

Noboru | 09-01-14, 3:42 AM
I don't know, but you could ask someone from the staff about it.

However, seeing that this topic got locked, I'd say, that they are already more than simply aware of the situation.

It probably only takes them a long time to check with previous versions of the entries and to fix those issues.

kandiiyuutaamu | 08-31-14, 5:30 PM
Ah, okay. Would I make the situation much worse if I help out?

Noboru | 08-31-14, 9:00 AM
just sit and wait for the admins/data base moderators to fix the issues.

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