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With this Club we want to pay homage to the Goddess of
Tsundere and for this we have to help her reaching the Throne
who is destined for our Wonderful Tsukiumi. Of course we wouldnt
abandon any of the other Beautiful Sekirei's ^^
But why is Tsukiumi the Goddess of Tsundere ? ...

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Club Discussion
Get claimed by Tsukiumi ( 1 2 3 )
110 replies by Kakashi23 »»
11-25-13, 1:38 AM
I'd like the group's opinion on this Tsukiumi x Minato fanfic I wrote.
4 replies by Phen0m20 »»
08-29-12, 9:11 PM
Member Cosplaying Tsukiumi ^^
6 replies by TayoriMomoshi »»
08-30-11, 12:24 PM
*funthread* Tsukiumi is mine ....
10 replies by RaiStorM »»
06-26-11, 6:10 PM
Poll: About Tsukiumi and "that guy"
12 replies by Dami »»
02-15-11, 5:23 PM

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Club Comments
vashu | 05-18-15, 10:36 PM
i wonder why it took so long for new translations to come out :/
just think about weekly or 2 weeks releases :D it would be like blink of an eye

Silberkralle | 10-10-13, 5:09 AM
Ahhhh~ That chapter 149 ... so much of my beloved Lightning Twins and Tsukiumi got quite some nice lines in too

RaiStorM | 04-22-13, 3:06 AM
welcome ^^ well of course u can do that here ^^ but since the other sekirei related clubs are more or less dead, we also ... at least try, to be nice to those other sekirei fans who have joined us to talk about the latest chapter every once in a while ^^ since theyre not as fortunate as we are and in the spirit of our wonderfull Tsundere Goddess of course ;) there is even a karasuba fan among us o.O really o.O .... :P :P :P

KwMclovin | 04-21-13, 9:58 AM
I finally found a somewhere where I can share my affection for Tsukiumi.

RaiStorM | 04-21-13, 9:53 AM
but its ...

Silberkralle | 04-21-13, 3:23 AM
Ah finally. Chapter 143 is out, and so is a special named 142.5 too. Go and check it out.

Silberkralle | 04-16-13, 2:30 AM
I want chapter 143 D:

Are those scanlators trying to troll us, because it's working. Now give us chapter 143!

RaiStorM | 04-10-13, 2:13 PM
anyway what ...

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