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Why do you love Mokona??
19 replies by CainKiddBubbly »»
04-21-13, 3:11 PM
[OPEN] Request: *Club Official Badges* ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
189 replies by Fire__Phoenix »»
03-21-12, 2:12 AM
Request}-- LE Mokona Card Celebrating 500+ members --{CLOSED- Admins still need to tell me what they want, if they want one or both.} ( 1 2 )
37 replies by windeen-windy »»
07-29-10, 2:13 PM
Contest: Picture Editing for 500+ Members [CLOSE FOR A WHILE]
1 replies by Yuki_Yume »»
07-04-10, 7:57 PM
Bulletin Board
3 replies by MeiDetsoki »»
07-04-10, 5:02 AM

Club Comments
CainKiddBubbly | 06-30-13, 11:23 PM
Not many people have been on lately :( it's a shame since this is a great club...GO MOKONA~! <3

CainKiddBubbly | 04-21-13, 3:13 PM
Mokona is sooooo cute <3

dame_roland27 | 11-24-12, 11:19 PM
just finish reading all the topic i and other admins made. i really miss the club and also the members! T__T . i remember the time i joined here it only had 120 members and i volunteer to be an admin because of my love to mokonas. maybe if i got some time to manage again the club, i'll do it. i really miss you guys! :)) hope to see you soon.. again. :P

- rolandx101x

Princess_Sakura_ | 07-27-12, 1:55 AM
yes !! mokona midoki is so cute !! i can't agree more !! ^.^

sakura010 | 08-14-11, 3:07 PM
Nice club!!

Herdervriend | 07-08-11, 2:27 AM
Seriously stop freaking spamming my inbox:S

windeen-windy | 03-19-11, 4:56 PM
I had the surgery a little over a week ago. It turned out it wasn’t cancer- just pre-cancerous like.
I’m ok thanks for asking. It was a shock to my system(As thyroid surgeries are to most people I hear) and I’m a slow healer but I’m recovering fine (I think).
I’m tired all of the time though ^^; guess that’s normal after a surgery like this though.

lobkestar | 03-19-11, 8:57 AM
Did it went well?
Are you alright now?

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Created: Jul 1, 2008

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