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Poll: Which Girl Should Rin Have Ended Up With? ( 1 2 3 )
131 replies by suixdream »»
02-27-13, 7:39 AM
Who Bought The DVD?
45 replies by Chou-Chou »»
10-21-12, 8:20 PM
What Do You Like About Shuffle!? ( 1 2 )
60 replies by Smire »»
08-12-12, 2:29 PM
What do you like better? the Anime or The Manga?
12 replies by Chloe-tsundere »»
12-14-11, 1:15 PM
Poll: second season for Shuffle! ?
0 replies by Morello »»
05-11-11, 11:50 AM

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Club Comments
Zakuuo | 09-17-13, 6:32 PM
Akira Hatake leads a good life as a super friendly rich boy. Being raised as an only child by his father (Katsuo Hatake), it's a big change when his step mom (Seina Tuzaka) comes into his life with her 12 DAUGHTERS! Find out how Akira Deals with his step sisters in this tragic and romantic comedy.

Zakuuo | 09-17-13, 8:25 AM

Ok thanks i'll give an update in like an hour or two.


I am asking the whole club, who ever can give feed back is a big help.

almightywiggles | 09-16-13, 11:44 AM
Yeah it's Usami Haru. :)

Chloe-tsundere | 09-16-13, 10:15 AM
Who were you asking zakuuo?

But almoghtwiggles already helps you out it seems? :3

Also i like your pic almightywiggles is that haru ? :3

almightywiggles | 09-16-13, 9:55 AM
If you want some feedback I'd be happy to give it.

maxzzm | 09-16-13, 9:45 AM

Zakuuo | 09-16-13, 9:32 AM
Ok, so i am working on writing an anime right now. when I finish it i'm going to send it to a friend in japan that works in anime productions. But first i need some opinions. I'll send the title, story plot and the names of the characters. and i'll send copies of very small part so i can have other advice from my fellow anime fans. would you mind helping me out?

Zakuuo | 09-16-13, 8:22 AM
Ha ha fair enough.

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