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are you going to use nervegear in the future? ( 1 2 )
26 replies by DrunkFairy »»
09-11-14, 4:43 AM
Poll: ~SinonxKirito~ What do you think? ( 1 2 )
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09-09-14, 10:05 AM
Theory of Kuroyukihime (Spoilers) (LN readers, please discuss) ( 1 2 )
23 replies by kuity »»
08-28-14, 2:29 PM
S.A.O. OPs & EDs
0 replies by DJ-YOZORA »»
08-20-14, 6:57 AM
Light Novel Discussion (big spoilers if you aren't up to date)
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Club Comments
Nebarto | Yesterday, 10:16 PM
Okay, I wouldn't like seeing a sudden transition into the Mother Rosario arc because it has NOTHING to do with GGO. Another reason is that the Mother Rosario arc will most likely not appeal to all of the viewers, it's a slower more character development focused arc, no real overall plot line focus.

F_E_A_R | Yesterday, 8:51 AM
Exactly what I think too! ALO was still acceptable. Ok, Asuna was trapped, still needed to be rescued so change in the game. But a complete switch from gun action to a standstill drama will be a bigger blow (and a huge hole for haters to blabber on).

KillerBrox | Yesterday, 6:36 AM
I dont think its a good idea bcuz ALO was very boring compared to SAO.If they do the same thing for GGO,then many people would stop watching.

F_E_A_R | Yesterday, 6:23 AM
Since this club hasn't seen much talk lately, I'd like to leave some food for thought. You guys know that, despite haters and fans, some people have some problems with the transition between SAO and ALO.

For the LN readers, how much hate do you think SAO II will generate with the transition from GGO to Mother's Rosario? Personally, I'd rather they released that as some standalone OVAs and went straight for Alicization with the promise of a 3rd season at the end but I don't see that happening.

F_E_A_R | 09-08-14, 6:51 AM
It can't be helped. This anime is overhated. I think people read the synopsis and expect full action from beginning to end and can't accept such a lovely romance. If the synopsis mentioned the romance, I think there would be more acceptance.

AzureNatlis99 | 09-07-14, 8:33 PM
Glad it's at the popularity of #3 for MAL, but I'm still a little disappointed that it's at #295 in the score rankings. It deserves better than that!

EliteShadow | 08-31-14, 8:59 AM
This series is probably going to be full of cliffhangers

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