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Poll: ~SinonxKirito~ What do you think?
17 replies by SAO4LIFE »»
Yesterday, 5:53 PM
Your life in SAO ( 1 2 3 )
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Yesterday, 12:59 AM
are you going to use nervegear in the future? ( 1 2 )
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Yesterday, 12:38 AM
Poll: Which Fight Was Your Favorite?
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07-17-14, 3:35 PM
Get together mmorpg
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07-16-14, 6:43 PM

Club Comments
SeibaaHomu | Yesterday, 4:19 AM
Admittedly the only episodes of SAO I don't like were 5 and 6 when they did that whole murder mystery thing since they were boring and don't really contribute much. Silica and Lisbeth's episodes were really good and the romance between Kirito and Asuna was one of the best parts of the entire 25 episodes.

With Mahouka it seems like nothing interesting ever happens as if the author's too scared to write something ambitious out of fear that people will reject him. If the term 'trainwreck' is used to describe shows that go all over the place and take things way too far then Mahouka can be best described as a train that leads nowhere.

KingYoshi | Yesterday, 3:53 AM
@Seibaa - I didn't mind the pacing of SAO, but I admit, I'm enjoying the pacing of SAO 2 much better. I especially liked Shino/Sinon's episodes (2&3) after a decent enough introductory (episode 1). I also feel the same way about Mahouka. It is dragging and dragging, atm. At least SAO2 has introduced the overall plot and progressed toward starting it. Mahouka hasn't even done that yet and it is on episode 16.

SAO4LIFE | Yesterday, 3:04 AM
and hey who said i didnt watch the episodes >.> u think just cus i think they are bad episodes im not gonna watch em? SAO4LIFE OFC ID WATCH EM

SeibaaHomu | Yesterday, 3:00 AM
I think the pacing in SAO II is actually much smarter than it was before. Remember how terrible the pacing in Aincrad was?

We got 3 emotional and action packed episodes at the start but after that it just suddenly decided to screech to a halt for 4 episodes to focus more on the world building and building of character relationships. Then after that we got a 2 year timeskip out of fucking nowhere. The episodes focusing on Asuna and Kirito's relationship were paced really well but before I knew it the game was over and I was wondering what the hell they were going to do with those last 11 episodes. Fairy Dance's pacing was fine with me though. It actually felt like a cohesive storyline rather than just a random sequence of events.

Honestly I'm fine with slow pacing so long as there's a reason for it like with Fate/Zero. The only show I've hated for being slow paced is Mahouka but that's because the convoluted magical bullshit they drone on about all the time isn't required knowledge to understanding the show by any means. The author has spent so much time thinking about the magic system that literally everything else about the show is really generic and derivative.

On the other hand, Sinon's backstory is absolutely required knowledge so I say the more attention it gets the better.

SAO4LIFE | Yesterday, 2:55 AM
well i didnt like the first 3 episodes but hey honestly who cares about anyones opinion but i know episode 4 will be good :D

EliteShadow | Yesterday, 2:19 AM
I feel that we needed at least 2 episodes to get introduced to know Shion and her background considering Kirito had a whole other season in which we learned about him. Unlike some of you I like to get at least a brief knowledge on the characters that I am watching. But yeah I think they have gone over Shion enough know and hopefully Episode 4 will be all good and we can see Kiritos lightsaber

Kagami_Hiiragi | Yesterday, 1:48 AM
Introducing characters doesn't equal crap.

SAO4LIFE | Yesterday, 12:43 AM
episode 4 is probably where their gonna start the actuall story

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