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You in SAO [How you would live there] ( 1 2 )
NecroMac - Aug 25, 2012
82 replies by GabrielB24 »»
Jul 21, 8:03 PM
Favorite character?
ShikaruNYAPPY - Feb 21
13 replies by Mitrey22 »»
Jul 18, 11:47 AM
Light Novel Discussion (big spoilers if you aren't up to date)
Silvertide - Aug 18, 2014
2 replies by foxhalt_13 »»
Jun 18, 8:36 PM
How do you feel when it seems like people are trolling both sides when it involves SAO(especially in reviews)?
AzureNatlis99 - Apr 20
3 replies by Yohimo_asakura »»
Apr 23, 11:04 AM
SAO haters
Ahegyao - Nov 6, 2014
8 replies by AzureNatlis99 »»
Apr 1, 1:47 PM

Club Comments
GabrielB24 | Jul 21, 7:55 PM
Sword Art Online defies what rescue romance is!

GabrielB24 | Jul 21, 7:48 PM
My question that always bug me in light novel adaptations. Why is there too many females and not a lot of guys? Why is the guys besides Kirito are getting push out of the spotlight. I thought SAO has majority of players be young 20 something males that get suck in vrmmorpg.

GabrielB24 | Jul 21, 7:40 PM
Whoa, this is real?

Yohimo_asakura | Jul 6, 7:51 PM
No news just yet. Let's wait for the movie first. We might get announcement at the end.

ShadowProof | Jul 5, 12:02 AM
does anyone know when SAO III is comin out. im asking for the anime...

Miyuki_chan11 | Jun 22, 12:12 AM
What about the Sao underworld?

Oto_Inuke | Jun 14, 9:02 AM
Hello all newcomers.

The first chapter of Sword Art Online - Clover's Regret is now out in Dengeki Bunko Magazine issue 50. There are scans of the chapter online (provided by SAO Scans Project) if you are interested.

On the other hand, I'm curious to the Alicization arc manga that has been announced. For credibility, the mangaka did SAO: Phantom Bullet manga (and faithfully follow's Miki's request of making it sexy).
If SAO vol. 18 - Lasting is the final book for Alicization arc, that would be a 9 books in this whole story.

Nolan14 | Jun 13, 4:10 PM
@Kcbomb what other anime do you like ?

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