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06-01-14, 10:47 PM
Favorite Character ( 1 2 )
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04-09-14, 5:24 PM
Sticky: IkkiTousen Games
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04-09-14, 5:13 PM
Things You Would Like To See In The World of Ikkitousen ( 1 2 )
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04-08-14, 11:14 AM
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02-22-14, 5:59 PM

Club Comments
FacelessVixen | 08-10-14, 6:56 PM
TerrorH3ctor said:
I LOVE the new club pic! Thanks, Nujin.

Thanks and you're welcome, asshole.

TerrorH3ctor | 08-10-14, 5:39 PM
I LOVE the new club pic! Thanks, Nujin.

Nujin | 08-07-14, 10:15 AM

delete one of the old club pictures (we still can re-upload it)

FacelessVixen | 08-06-14, 9:47 PM
*opens Photoshop to finally change club picture after saying that I'll take care of it two months ago*

*all picture slots are used*


TerrorH3ctor | 08-03-14, 7:09 PM
More club members would be awesome. Hopefully the fans in DeviantArt have a MAL account.

FacelessVixen | 07-29-14, 7:56 PM
Thank Nuj.

Though, "full version" may lose meaning. Since putting the trailer together was relatively painless thanks to a few system upgrades, chances are that I'll put out more than one Ikki AMV under the "Faceless Vixens" banner, and use songs from other extreme metal bands like Beyond Creation, Vildhjarta and The Black Dahlia Murder. So, Omega Dragon is just one of the few other ideas I have, which I'll be more capable to do when I get my custom desktop in either late December or mid January depending on if I'll be okay with a Core i5 4590 or hold out for the i7 4790.

And, at this point, I'm not really doing this all for vanity anymore. I'm hoping this series will show how awesome Ikki can be despite the harem shows being more popular. And I also want to give this group and other fan clubs and cosplayers on DeviantART more attention.

Nujin | 07-29-14, 7:34 AM
Looks really good ;)
Keep up the good work... Can't wait for full version :)

FacelessVixen | 07-27-14, 8:11 PM
The gif: Five minutes.

The video it's promoting: One week. ...not counting the three weeks it took me to properly rip DVDs.

So, um. Yeah. I kinda posted more than just a pretty picture. There's a whole two minute video attached to it, now with both download and streaming options.

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