Hikikomori Kyoukai!


Hikikomori... i know someone will ask: "What the hell is a Hikikomori?" Yes, I know most of poeple don't know what "it" is. Anyway I'll let my friend explain. My friend's name is wikipedia xD and here's a full story:
but will be best if you watch NHK ni Youkoso! anime if you want to know what hikikomori is.

i know i must write description bout this club "duh" ok, this club is like one dark room/place/asylum for all hikikomoris and not only, neets, former hikikomoris, former neets, also NHK, Genshiken, Zetsubou Sensei, Higashi no eden anime fans also character fans(whats on list) also for ppl with thoughts of conspiracy and hell yeah we accept psychologists too! xD

u can chat and stuff...

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Poll: Consider this situation, and please tell me what you'd do.
0 replies by Sekai1ban »»
10-31-14, 7:05 AM
~~ member caaards~~ ONHOLD~ ( 1 2 3 4 )
172 replies by Plato »»
07-23-14, 10:50 AM
Yet Another Year~
1 replies by BonkGuy »»
01-04-14, 7:09 AM
Most Depressing Anime/Manga
5 replies by Sutra »»
01-04-13, 8:41 AM
New Years wishes...
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12-31-12, 9:07 PM

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Sekai1ban | 10-31-14, 7:18 AM
I'm new here. Been 4 years with this 'disease'.
On a separate note, I think Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru should go to Anime Relations, with Hikigaya Hachiman and Yukinoshita Yukino going to Character Relations, considering they're surviving alone in that warzone called school and society. They're not necessarily a hikki, but their solitude level I think is on the same level with Tatsuhiro Satou.

giby1 | 07-11-14, 1:20 AM
Hello new member signing on.

Ayumi-Zombie | 07-09-14, 1:42 AM
Hello everybody! This year I finished high school, and since then I stayed in my room watching animes. So, yeah, this is the right place for me, I guess...? I hope we'll get along well!

Tehokae | 02-11-14, 5:13 PM

BonkGuy | 01-04-14, 6:33 AM
Mah hikibromori

Kirenisa | 11-26-13, 8:42 PM
Hello everyone

Eastern_Dream | 09-02-13, 7:15 PM
Finally, I found a place for someone like me. X)

killword | 08-08-13, 12:46 AM
Just joined as well. If it's dead let's revive it.