Tsukasa Forever!!

~Hiiragi Tsukasa~

----------------- Achievements-----------------

- Ranked 2nd Place In Saimoe 2008 WOOT

- Ranked 7th Place In Saimoe 2007 (If Only She Didnt Generate So Much Hate From The Rozenmaiden Faction, She Wouldve...


- Currently Ranked #189 (^3) ^^ On Top Favorites With 103 User Faves, Fighto!

This Club Is For:

1.Anyone Who Likes Tsukasa

2.Anyone Who Wants Tsukasa As A Sister

3.Anyone Who Thinks Tsukasa Is Moe And Dies Of Moe Overload

4.Anyone Who Worships Tsukasa

5. Whoever Agrees Tsukasa Should Get More Screen Time

Tsukasa Fans Rise, For We Will Make The World Realize The Moe Charms Of Tsukasa ^^

----------------- Alliances -----------------

Sister Club To- Kyou and Ryou Fanclub

Sister Club To- Kagami Hiiragi Fanclub

----------------- Notes -----------------

-Any Picture With Tuskasa In It Is Ok As Long As Shes One Of The Main Contrasts Of The Picture^^

-PLZ Spread The Club To Your Friends To Further Glorify Our Moe Blob ^^

-Also Admin And Officer Positions Are Still Open, Just PM Me Or Post On My Profile ^^

----------------- News Board ^^ -----------------

    Tsukasa SAIMOE STATS

  • Group G Finals

    * 1位 1131票 柊つかさ@らき☆すた (Tsukasa Hiiragi @ “Lucky☆Star“)
    * 2位 861票 水無灯里@ARIA シリーズ (Akari Mizunashi @ “ARIA”)

  • Quarter-Finals III

    * 1位 1049票 柊つかさ@らき☆すた (Tsukasa Hiiragi @ 「Lucky☆Star」)
    * 2位 894票 伊吹風子@CLANNAD (Fuuko Ibuki @ 「CLANNAD」)

  • Semi-Final II,

    * 1位 1137票 柊つかさ@らき☆すた (Tsukasa Hiiragi @ 「Lucky☆Star」)
    * 2位 1096票 桂ヒナギク@ハヤテのごとく! (Hinagiku Katsura @ 「Hayate the Combat Butler!」


* 1位 1037票 柊かがみ@らき☆すた(Kagami Hiiragi @「Lucky☆Star」)
* 2位 976票 柊つかさ@らき☆すた(Tsukasa Hiiragi @「Lucky☆Star」)

Awwww Tsukasa Lost T_T, Well it was well predicted that she would. Personally wouldve wanter her to win.
Well Gratz Kagamin And /pat Tsukasa ;_;

    Tsukasa's MAL Moe Stats

  • Round 1,
    Hiiragi Tsukasa:147
    Suou Mikoto: 63

    Konohana Hikari: 50
    Zechti: 16

  • Round 2,
    Hiiragi Tsukasa: 160
    Vita: 105

    Suou Mikoto: 60
    Odori Momoha: 59

  • Round 3,
    Hiiragi Tsukasa: 168
    Vita: 124

    Euphemia Ii Britannia: 68
    Ellis: 58

  • Round 4,
    Hiiragi Tsukasa:143
    Louise Valliere: 129

    Primula: 119
    Vita: 94

  • Round 5,
    Hiiragi Tsukasa: 152
    Sanzenin Nagi: 142

  • Round 6,
    Tsukimiya Ayu: 182
    Hiiragi Tsukasa: 130

    She Did Her Best...

  • We Have Allied With The Kyou and Ryou Fanclub *Pachi Pachi*

  • We Have Allied With The Kagami Hiiragi Fanclub *Pachi Pachi*

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Club Discussion
Favorite Tsukasa Moments
20 replies by Vaclav »»
09-11-14, 2:29 PM
Tsukasa Image Thread!!
16 replies by hikaru_07 »»
03-28-10, 3:25 AM
Blow my whistle!
8 replies by Kuro_kudos »»
07-20-08, 10:58 PM

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Club Comments
MoeLuigi13 | 04-12-14, 6:00 PM
Hi, new to mal. Tsukasa is awesome.

Vaclav | 03-14-14, 2:58 PM
Hello! It seems this has been a quite place in recent years. It almost feels like Tsukasa got forgotten with the years that passed since the airing of Lucky Star. Still I think she is so awesome she shouldn't be forgotten.

Silent_Stridah | 11-08-11, 12:58 AM
i want id card ~

karsten69 | 07-06-10, 2:10 PM
hi guys and girls new member saying hi. and "tanjoubi omedetto" Tsukasa and sister.

also a happy Tanabata to all of you.

Arcadia00 | 03-08-10, 6:54 AM
Tsukasa is in my top 5 favorites. High up if I might add.

RonnieLuv | 02-28-10, 6:51 PM
My favorite cutest character!

eatmymagnum | 11-10-09, 8:02 AM
balsamic vinegar

Kota-ken | 10-29-09, 3:25 AM
tsukasa is soo cute she gets lots of moe points from me ^^

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