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For those of you that don't know what touhou is, Touhou(also known is Project Shrine Maiden or TOHO Project) is a series of 2d/3d danmaku shooting games, unlike doom, duck hunter, or asteroids you have to memorize and weave though complex patterns such as [insert picture] this [another picture] or THIS![insert lunatic picture]<- we're not even at the boss yet . There are currently 12 official games 5 for which were originally for the pc-98 platform, the 12th game is currently a demo. All games were by ZUN who did all graphics, music,and programming(a lot for 1? person to do and become so popular am i right?)
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What got You into touhou
9 replies by Zun-Sensei »»
06-05-12, 12:19 AM
Sticky: Member Cards
5 replies by silver-raindrop »»
09-23-10, 10:17 PM
12 東方星蓮船 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object
4 replies by Godel »»
09-25-09, 3:01 AM
Sticky: Rules
0 replies by -DraGonZ- »»
04-07-09, 12:08 PM

Club Comments
Kid-Wolf | 05-18-13, 1:08 AM
I'm going to leve these links here if anyone cares to look at them, let alone if they knew about this or not.

and this one is going to be fully released next week or so:

Kid-Wolf | 10-25-12, 11:19 AM
I could give you the long winded speach, but I'll be nice and be brief about it.

Pretty much Touhou is a bullett hell game that is highly known for its music and characters. Heck if you looked up Touhou on YouTube you'd get a lot of music videos and fan made animations.

The best place to start would be on the wiki to understand what's what. At the very least it can be a very helpful guide to understand what's the offical works, and what's the fan made works.

Oh and yes this series also has 3 fighting games at the moemnt since the 4th on is now in the works as of now.

ueki_72 | 10-25-12, 1:28 AM
hey ! im new here :D and i dont know what is touhou ..

Kid-Wolf | 10-11-12, 6:25 PM
Just so you guys know 13.5 is now in the works.

It's a fighting game once more, but it's not using the weather function that was in 10.5 and 12.3 for this one.

Kid-Wolf | 09-10-12, 9:33 PM
Granted that this is late, but due to my boredom treak and now not being overly busy I'lljust eave this pic here for you guys.

If you ask me it does make perfect sense with one of the comments on that pic.

Godel | 08-17-12, 9:12 AM
Added some much needed Anime, Manga, and Character relations ^_^
Can't cover all characters because 1) not all characters on mal and 2) general lack of patience xD
Oh man also first club wall post in over 2 years, hells yeah!

en_____ | 04-06-10, 3:37 PM
awesome club picture :D

Joe4evr | 09-19-09, 1:40 PM
'sup people?

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