Origami "Super Genius" Tobiichi

Origami Tobiichi
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Origami Tobiichi (鳶一 折紙)
Age: 16
Height: 152 cm
BWH: 75-55-79
Blood Type: A
Species: Human
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Silver
Equipments: Combat Wiring Suit, CR Unit
Affiliation: Anti-Spirit Team
Occupation: Raizen High School Student
Rank: Master Sergeant
Personality: Quiet, Genius

Origami Tobiichi is a student of Raizen High School, she is known for having high grades in her entire high school, while she is studying at this high school she is also a member of AST (Anti-Spirit Team) and she's one of the very skilled ones in their team.

Origami is shown as a young female with short, silvery-white hair arranged in a bob cut having three hair-clips in the left part of her hair and blue eyes and wears the girl uniform like her female classmates. However, in her AST Combat Wiring Suit, her appearance is more fierce. Origami's clips has not shown, instead of a pair of sensors attaching to her hair, with armor hiding her skins in shoulder to the hand, a part of the body and legs. However, the part of her chest is seen with a transparent suit that her made her belly visible, and also her thighs are seen without any armor.

Origami is a person that rarely openly talks with other people unless needed, with only a few exceptions such as Shido Itsuka and Tohka Yatogami (Origami's rival in many ways). She isn't a shy person, but more of an unsocial type of person; a bit reckless or aggressive if she has a goal or purpose to fulfill.


Shidou Itsuka: Origami self-proclaims herself as Shido’s girlfriend or lover, even though Shido doesn’t know about it and it's a one-sided love interest from Origami. Origami uses every chance she gets to make her relationship with Shido much, much closer. Her love for him is quite unhealthy as she often disregards most of Shido's feelings or thoughts and can come off as self-centered.

Put simply, Origami is a stalker, and Shido is the focus of her desires. She has secretly been following Shido around in his everyday life since before the start of the series.

Tohka Yatogami: Origami sees Tohka as an enemy, love rival, or just an annoying "baka" that gets in her way with Shido. Origami shows little respect for her as the quarrel between them as Spirit and AST member remains unsettled, despite the fact that Tohka's powers are sealed. Origami still views her as dirty as she views every spirit and seems to want to hurt her by other means since Origami isn't allowed to hurt Tohka herself as long as her powers are sealed.

Voice Actors
Togashi, Misuzu
Lee, Michelle

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