Lucy "Edo-Lucy, Scary Lucy" Ashley

Lucy Ashley
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Lucy Ashley (ルーシィ・アシュレイ)
Edolas version of Lucy also called Scary Lucy. She loves to bully Natsu Dragion.

Unlike her Earth Land counterpart, Lucy Ashley has a vulgar and aggressive personality. She's also quite the Tsundere and cares for her guild a lot. Lucy seems to be the one with the crush on Edolas Natsu. She showed slightly troubled emotion when she hugged Earth Land Natsu and tends to look away when he asks her a question. When Earth Land Natsu pressured Lucy into purchasing their magical weapons, Lucy commented that she "sort of liked it". She also argues with Edolas Levy instead of getting along with her. Lucy Ashley also has less modesty than her Earthland counterpart, being eager to show Natsu Dragneel how her body is exactly the same as Lucy Heartfilia, only to earn a laugh and a comment about how funny it was to bath with yourself, leaving both of them in shock.

Like her Earth Land version, Lucy Ashley is skilled on using whip. She used an unnamed Magic whip. It was a powerful weapon, which she could use to defeat a monster that attacked Wendy, Natsu, Carla and Happy.

Voice Actors
Hirano, Aya
Leigh, Cherami

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