Merry "Yumekui" Nightmare

Merry Nightmare
Yumekui Merry
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Yumekui Merry
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Merry Nightmare (メリー・ナイトメア)
Birthday: Unknown
Height: 147 cm
Three sizes: B73 W54 H77
Things she likes: Donuts, video games

Her design motif is a sheep. The name's origin comes from the song that everyone knows. (Source: Translated Manga)

Merry is a girl from the Dreamworld searching for a door back home. Unlike the other dream demons coming into the human world, she doesn't need a vessel, instead she has a physical human-like body, she is stronger and faster than a normal human even in the real world.

She can't drink soda or eat spicy foods.

Voice Actors
Haag, Hilary
Sakura, Ayane
Lee, So Eun

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