Matilda "Macchi" Matisse

Matilda Matisse
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Matilda Matisse (マチルダ・マテイス)
Matilda Matisse the wudumaur is one of Hao's followers and from England. She was born on July 19, 1986. She is on the team "Hana-Gumi"(Flower).
She is the cheeriest of "Hana-Gumi". She likes Asakura Hao and is grateful that he helped her. She is sad because people called her a witch. She is very affected when Asakura Mikihisa slaps her, yelling out and claiming that not even her parents dared hit her.

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Voice Actors
Hanba, Tomoe
Schroeder, Erica
Banai corne, Nurit