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MyAnimeList Launches Free Manga

SAN DIEGO, CA – December 23, 2019 – MyAnimeList (“MAL”) has launched “Free Manga” (, a service that allows MAL users to read specific manga titles for free, thanks to the support of various publishers. The intention is to create more opportunities globally for broader audiences to experience the joy of reading manga.

“MAL Free Manga” will aid audiences who have difficulties finding the original manga of their favorite anime due to living great distances from bookstores or it being too expensive to purchase.It also offers legally authorized manga available for their enjoyment. We hope this will encourage people to stop utilizing illegal pirate websites to read their desired manga content.

“MAL Free Manga” will provide audiences with the best reading experience cultivated in the eBook manga world that allows readers to access a free chapter at a time, without any charge. Audiences can immediately start reading a free manga chapter simply by registering an account on the MAL website.

MAL will also give users an experience of getting to better know the manga they enjoyed reading and guide them to purchase either eBooks or print books of the manga. If the interests of the manga readers continue to expand, they may also want to purchase merchandise and related products of the manga series they enjoy. We think MAL is the perfect place to share and exchange readers’ enthusiasm on manga as well as anime.

“MAL Free Manga” will initially launch with 12 chapters from the following 5 titles, and then will expand to have a larger selection in collaborations with different publishers.

  • 1:Somali to Mori no Kamisama (Somari and the Guardian of the Forest)
  • 2:Baki: New Grappler Baki
  • 3:Ousama Game (King's Game)
  • 4:Ten Prism (The Tenth Prism)
  • 5:Aishou no Musume (Ravelli's Defiant Bride)

MAL will strive to contribute to expand the manga and anime culture for much wider audiences globally by enhancing the environment of enjoying manga/anime experiences.

About MyAnimeList

MyAnimeList is one of the world's largest anime and manga communities, with comprehensive databases maintained by its passionate user base. The website allows members to track their viewing progress, rate and discuss titles, write reviews, and discover new works through various community-driven features. With over 12 million monthly active users from more than 200 different countries, MyAnimeList is an essential resource for the international anime and manga fan.

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MyAnimeList CEO Mizoguchi’s comment

MAL’s mission is to enlarge audiences’ enjoyment of anime and manga throughout the world through working hand-in-hand with authors and publishers. I hope our endeavors will help to provide rights owners with more financial returns, so that the creative community will be able to have more opportunities to produce fascinating anime and manga titles.

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