Given name:
Family name: EXILE
Alternate names: エグザイル
Birthday: Aug 24, 2001
Website: http://www.exile.jp/ind...
Member Favorites: 14
EXILE Performers:
- Hiro, real name Hiroyuki Igarashi (五十嵐 広行) June 1, 1969 – leader of the group
- Makidai, real name Daisuke Maki (眞木 大輔) October 27, 1975
- Matsu, real name Toshio Matsumoto (松本 利夫), born May 27, 1975.
- Usa, real name Yoshihiro Usami (宇佐美 吉啓), born February 2, 1977.
- Akira, real name Ryouhei Kurosawa (黒沢 良平), born August 23, 1981 – was a member of Rather Unique and joined the group 2006 summer.

- Kenchi, real name Kenichirou Teratsuji (寺辻 健一郎), born September 28, 1979.
- Keiji, real name Keiji Kuroki (黒木 啓司), born January 21, 1980.
- Tetsuya, real name Tetsuya Tsuchida (土田 哲也), born February 18, 1981.
- Naoto, real name Naoto Kataoka (片岡 直人), born August 30, 1983.
- Naoki, real name Naoki Kobayashi (小林 直己), born November 10, 1984.

- Atsushi, real name Atsushi Satou (佐藤 篤志), born April 30, 1980.
- Takahiro, real name Takahiro Tasaki (田崎 敬浩), born December 8, 1984 – the new vocalist chosen to replace Shun during the "Exile Vocal Battle Audition 2006: Asian Dream" summer audition.

Vocalists & Performers:
- Nesmith, real name Nesmith Ryuta Karimu (ネスミス・竜太・カリム), born August 1, 1983.
- Shokichi, real name Shokichi Yagi (八木 将吉), born October 3, 1985.

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