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Nirixka11 - Jan 31, 2016
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Jan 31, 2016 12:25 PM

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VerifyWeirdo | Dec 27, 2017 7:34 PM
I been holding this in for too long (T^T)

Honestly please don't hate me for my opinions (/•~•\): 
My favorite is Kougyoku, i mean i think she's just misunderstood, if you read the manga, you will probably understand. I like her the most because i can relate to her:

-she was mostly alone when she was little until her assistant came along, everyone thought of her as 'weird.'

-i don't find her annoying because if you think about it, we fangirls/boys are kinda similar since we ALSO fawn over hot guys and girls. (♡~♡) take me now my beautiful prince- lol sorry

-and about the love thing towards Sinbad, i mean sure, he's an attractive sir, indeed, but i think it's normal for her to fawn over her crush, it's kinda similar to Morgiana's crush and...sometimes i would fawn over hot anime guys too like how some other girls fawn over him and we dont criticize them but we only criticize- yeah ok.

-i mean tge Ugo incident, i mean ugo is still alive, but hey At least JUDAL/R is alive,i mean he would have died and then i can only fantasize over his evil corpse and past evil personality

Overall, im guessing, we just dont like other girls or boys fawning over our crush, i guess XD

Characters i hate: (please don't kill or roast me) (>-<)

I kinda hate Morgiana, (now before you roast me.) 

-one thing i dont understand is why the author decide to written the character like that, there was almost no character development (now before you kill me, imma explain why) i dont know if i missed something or what but she was written similar to a mary-sue well kinda, like someone who's perfect, like

How she suddenly gain powers, yes i know she's a fanali-please dont kill me, but like how she suddenly just developed this sudden willpower out of nowhere, you would understand if you read the manga.

I was scared senseless when i thought she was going to die, but what i dont like is how the sudden willpower and everything appears out of like nowhere, yes, i know the girl was dear to her, but to like suddenly have the courage and thought of revolution in power which takes some times to gain bothers me.

But maybe, its because how she almost killed Alibaba, i mean like girl you're a fanalias for the love of god, you can kick some ass but you're going to let a man use you like that-like come on, weren't the guy, you're trying to kill, saved you and all but come on.

Nirixka11 | Jan 31, 2016 12:19 PM

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