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This is just a simple fun club were you make your own adventure and others can interact. Characters should be creative and interesting. When you have created a character act like him in this club. Use this format. Name Street Name Weapon Age Gender Blood Type Clothing style Place of birth Signature move History Feel free to add more information and suggest changes to the format. Heres of course mine: RP Character: Name: Kenshin Joichiro Street Name: Silent Blade Weapon: Katana infused with the souls of his defeated enemies. Age: 23 Gender: Male Blood Type: O Clothing style: Dark Cloths stained with blood. Place of birth: Unknown Signature move: Slicing Current Winds; a strong wind violently surrounds his blade and deals devastating damage shredding through anything, good against armored opponents and close ranged combat aswell as short ranged combat. History Kenshin was brought up by a Master Hermit. Orgins are unknown. Little is known of his past. He was taught in all possible fighting styles, including stealth, hand to hand, weapon and ranged. His Katana is well known and called a "Demons Sword" as it gains power from mortal souls. It is said that who ever wields it will be eaten away by evil itself.

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Ninja-Nomiki | Sep 30, 2009 5:11 AM
hey um cool club...but where do yo start your rp character?

Kaziph | Oct 12, 2008 7:06 AM

Kaziph | Oct 5, 2008 7:22 PM
hi peoples.
so where do i make a character and start. i'd love to join everybody. (though there's not many people here)

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