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**If you have not seen Clannad AS then please don't view the details below as it contains MAJOR spoilers** The reason why this anime gets a lot of shaft is because of how it ended. And very badly. What could have been a very rewarding anime had all that potential gone because they had to please viewers to shove in a deux ex machina in the middle of a tragic event. Deux ex machinas are never a good idea and this particular one just pissed me off. I would have much preffered Clannad AS to end at episode 21 (Ushio's death) episode 19 (Tomoya's dad arc) or like the movie.(Nagisa's spirit) These are better examples of a conclusion and it fits with the story. In general, Clannad AS is a great anime but all that potential had gone to waste with that pathetic cop-out. If you wish for a better ending feel free to join this club.

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