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Jeikobu Higurashi is also the name of anime and a character it takes place after InuYasha the final act as Kagome starts having a new brother and names him Jeikobu Higurashi. This kid is half human and half demon who doesn't like being away from his sisybare a.k.a Kagome. Every since he was born he has been with his mom in the modoren era. She has been sending him to her own time to go to her school but some reason she regrets doing that because she starts missing him so she said if he starts to miss her he was aloud to come back. As he was about go back to the fuedal era he was thinking he should remain in her original time but he doesn't want to because he would miss his mommy he called her that when he was a baby. He cries everytime he's not with Kagome by the time he got older he swore to protect her and InuYasha. One day he told her about a play he is in that she is aloud to come and see him preform her mom Sota and grandpa was there as well to see him preform they were surprise to see her again and she told her mom she wouldn't miss it for the world until Yuka told Kagome she was in the play. The play turned out to be a military play Jeikobu asked Eri if they could play Jeikobu's favorite Pokemon theme song from Pokemon Johto. Everytime he's at his grandma's house he watch's Pokemon Johto and he would always dance to the theme song. Kagome is even glad to do a another play but with her son. They was aloud sing Jeikobu sang his own version of hero with her name in it and him and Kagome sang they're theme song. Kagome is glad to be by Jeikobu's side and he's glad to be by her side.
Main Characters
Jeikobu Higurashi
Kagome Higurashi
Sota Higurashi
Mama Higurashi
Grandpa Higurashi
Supporting Characters
Episodes 168
Opening Theme
Change The World By, V6 (1-168)
Ending Themes
Every Heart By, BoA (1-167-168)
I Go Back By, Kenny Chasney (2-25)
Shift Work By, Kenny Chasney (3-45)
Wheel In The Sky By, Journey (46-150)
Jacob Higurashi The Final Act
Side Stories
Jacob Higurashi The Movie
Jacob Higurashi The Movie 2 Jacob's revenge
Jacob Higurashi The Movie 3 The Legend Of Jacob
Jacob Higurashi The Movie 4 Jacob's Graduation

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