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Utau is a junior high school student model turned into singing idol. She is 14 years old and Hoshina Utau is a fake name, cause her actual name is Tsukiyomi Utau, and is Ikuto's younger sister, but she's in love with him and is constantly trying to win his affection, and thus becomes extremely agitated when she notices that Ikuto is interested in Amu. However, she eventually becomes friends with Amu.


Utau, naturally sings often and eats a lot.

Guardian Characters

She has two Guardian Characters. These have very different personalities when compared with Utau.


Utau's first Guardian Character that is seen is the devilish girl, Iru.When Utau transforms with Iru, she becomes the devil character Lunatic Charm. As Lunatic Charm, Utau has the appearance of a demon; wearing a red dress that puffs out at the bottom like a umbrella . It has small black stripes running down it, and has a bat shape on the top. Utau also has bat wings in her hair, and large red boots. Around her neck is a bat-shaped choker attached with a silver cross.


Utau's second guardian character is the angel, Eru. Utau becomes the angelic Seraphic Charm when she transforms with she. In this form, she wears a pink tutu and has pink ribbons and white cloths attached around her arms and legs. She also wears ballet shoes, angel-wing shaped hair clips attached to her hair and a pair of angel wings. She has the appearance of a ballerina.

♥Utau loves singing and her top songs are 'Meykuu Butterfly', 'Black Diamond' and after 'Blue Moon'
♥Her blood tipe is A
♥Her birthday is in November 9
♥Her height is 161 and her weight 12 42 kg

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