This is about the use of Hemp in anime,manga and a lot more.

I'm researching the use of cannabis historically ,as a tradition from Shinto,
to its modern uses.There is a connection between ancient uses and beliefs
and the up to date depiction in Anime and Manga!
The club is for people who can tribute and benefit from such a club.

Any idea or anything about hemp in anime or manga is welcome!
Help me find every leaf you have seen in any anime!

What i found until know is:

Yakitate Japan - Azuma bakes Japan#61 The Cannabis Japan bread.

Cowboy Bebop - Jet's T-Shirt with the Leaf on it on "Cowboy Funk''.

Shaman King - Yoh Has a hemp Leaf on his T-Shirt too.

Samurai Champloo - a field of "Sacred Grass" caught on fire. Also in the end of Episode Beatbox Bandits Mugen is seen smoking marijuana in a cloud of purple haze.

Sabu to Ichi Torimono Hikae - Sabu's main weapon is a jutte
attached to a long hemp rope.

Detroit Metal City - In episode 3 The "President" suggests that loud music is better with some weed!Then forces Souichi Negishi to smoke some.

Hellsing OSt#2 - Track 02 Hidden Leaves Harmony and Track 20 Hemp Smoke Stings the Eyes.

Highschool of the dead - Gakuen Mokushiroku - In episode 4 some Yo dude is wearing a marijuana leaf necklace,that shity bastard!

Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin - In 1955 the prisoners smoke joints in their cells. (Thanks to Maguita)

Shadow Star Narutaru - In episode 3 there is a guy wearing a shirt with a cannabis leaf on it in Shiina's gym class. (Thanks to hermitsage)

Gantz - In the later-chapters of Gantz there are a group of people who take advantage of the invisibility ability the hunt provides by smoking weed, shooting heroin and raping random women in public. (Thanks to hermitsage)

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Do you know something weed related about anime or Japan?
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