<img src="" border="0"> For fans of the wonderfully weird world known as <!--link--><a href="">MegaTokyo</a>, created by <!--link--><a href="">Fred (Piro) Gallagher</a> and <!--link--><a href="">Rodney (Largo) Caston</a>. Gather and discuss the art, story or characters of MT. Or talk about Fred, Dom, Rodney Caston or anything else related to MegaTokyo. <strong>-->Club Goals<--</strong> >>>>>>Reach 25 members! <strong><span style="color:gray">ACHIEVEMENT<!--color--></span></strong> >>>>>>Reach 50 members!! <strong><span style="color:gray">ACHIEVEMENT +1<!--color--></span></strong> >>>>>>OMG 100 members!? <strong><span style="color:gray">ACHIEVEMENT<!--color--></span></strong> <strong><span style="color:red">+2<!--color--></span></strong> >>>>>>Come up with world domination plot >>>>>>Chill out, relax to the max. Maybe shoot some b-ball outside the school <strong> IRC Channel</strong> We now have an IRC channel! Those with mIRC installed (or another client that can fetch links) can click the following link to connect directly: irc:// Otherwise, you can connect with the following: <strong>Server:</strong> <strong>Port(s):</strong> 6667-6690 (SSL ports available, connect for details from the server or join #SSL for additional help) <strong>Channel:</strong> #MegaTokyo If you don't like to use an actual IRC client, Konfig was kind enough to set up on his personal website at <a href="" target="_blank"></a> (which should auto-join #megatokyo for you), or MAL's applet at <a href="" target="_blank"></a> (Just type /join #megatokyo when it loads) <strong>-->Links of interest<--</strong> <ul><li><!--link--><a href="">The Megatokyo Writer's Archive</a> <li><!--link--><a href="">The Reader's Guide to Megatokyo</a> <li><!--link--><a href="">WikiTokyo</a> <li><!--link--><a href="">MT Wiki</a> <li><!--link--><a href="">Fredart</a> <li><!--link--><a href="">Rodney Caston's blog</a> <li><!--link--><a href="">Infamous 'Neko Neko Wai!' Archive</a></ul></ol> <strong>Please keep spoilers in a spoiler tag- come on people that's what they're there for.</strong> <div style="text-align: center;">--- <em><strong>Userbars and banners</strong></em> <strong>:D</strong> --- <div class="spoiler"><input type="button" class="button" onClick="'block';'none';" value="Show spoiler"> <span class="spoiler_content" style="display:none"><input type="button" class="button" onClick="'none';this.parentNode.parentNode.childNodes[0].style.display='block';" value="Hide spoiler"><br><img src="" border="0"> (<em>Thanks to: <!--link--><a href="">CaptainRiven</a></em>)<!--spoiler--></span></div><!--center--></div> <img src="" border="0">

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Club Discussion
Favorite Character?
WarMage - Dec 28, 2007
25 replies by HakuryuNoKou »»
May 14, 2015 2:04 PM
Megatokyo Cosplayers who plan on going to Anime Central 2009.
Onenuttytanuki - Jan 3, 2009
2 replies by JALU3 »»
Jan 9, 2009 9:43 AM
Sticky: General IRC Help (Connecting, basic commands, etc)
Savato - Jun 6, 2008
2 replies by Savato »»
Jun 9, 2008 8:36 PM
Create a megatokyo signiture
UnknowablE - Mar 5, 2008
7 replies by shadowken9 »»
May 25, 2008 6:45 AM

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Club Comments
Konfig | Apr 30, 3:26 PM
I'm not around these parts all that much anymore. If anyone is interested in taking over, and perhaps bring this club back to life send me a message. :)

HakuryuNoKou | Mar 31, 4:27 AM
Man, this group is dead, now. :/

Zealotus | May 27, 2012 2:00 AM
Well yeah, it requires Stylish.
Opera should be able to just load it though.

VyraLove | May 25, 2012 4:46 PM
I have to install some kinda addon to see your link. And the layout of the site doesn't really bother me since all I do is read the comic anyway.

Zealotus | May 25, 2012 1:02 PM
So I was thinking I'd catch up on this web comic...
But I found that I no longer like the old layout of the site... so I made this.

For those who don't know what that is just follow the help links on the site.

VyraLove | Jul 23, 2011 7:21 PM
That's why I use for all of my manga/comic stuff. At least they have everything there. xP

VyraLove | Jul 23, 2011 7:21 PM
Eh, that's going a bit too far.. I'm friends with some of them.
But yeah.. whatever.

VyraLove | Jul 22, 2011 7:27 PM
It's cause they're still asian. >_>
I guess all that matters is that it's asian.

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Members: 137
Pictures: 20
Category: Manga
Created: Dec 23, 2007

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Konfig (Admin, Creator)
Piroko (Admin)
Savato (Admin)

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This is a public club.
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