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(I can't believe a club hasn't been made for these two) Everyone who loves this couple, please join :) <strong> Akihiko Sanada <img src="http://i228.photobucket.com/albums/ee8/lalalagirl55/art18-1.jpg" border="0" /> (WARNING! MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD) Date of birth: 22nd September 1991 Zodiac: Virgo Height: 175.5 cm Blood Type: A Initial Persona: Polydeuces Ultimate Persona: Caesar Weapons: Gloves & Knuckles </strong> <strong>Persona 3 (Original)</strong> Akihiko Sanada is the captain of the Gekkoukan High School boxing team, as well as a member of S.E.E.S.. He maintains high grades and works hard to maintain his strength. He, along with Mitsuru Kirijo and Shinjiro Aragaki formed the original S.E.E.S.. Shinjiro and Akihiko grew up together in an orphanage, along with Akihiko's sister, who died some time ago in a fire. While combating a Shadow, Shinjiro lost control of his Persona, and it killed an innocent bystander, who was Ken Amada's mother. Akihiko was orphaned at a very young age, he grew up in an orphanage with his sister Miki, and Shinjiro. There was a fire which killed his sister. Feeling powerless of not being able to protect those who he loved, he desired to become strong. He joined the boxing team and became the boxing champion of the school, then he agreed to help Mitsuru in fighting Shadows, when she discovered that he had the potential. Shinjiro and Akihiko's relationship becomes strained following the incident. Akihiko pushes to get Shinjiro to rejoin S.E.E.S., but he only does so after Ken joins the group. Akihiko discovers that Ken joined S.E.E.S. in order to kill Shinjiro, and he attempts to save both of them. Even though Ken forgives Shinjiro, Takaya Sakaki shoots and kills Shinjiro. Akihiko is amazed at Shinjiro sacrificing himself to save Ken, and Shinjiro's courage, even in the face of death, inspired him, causing his Persona to transform into Ceasar. Akihiko becomes fearless and is not afraid to die. When informed that Nyx cannot be defeated, he is the only character to automatically decide to fight anyway. <strong>Persona 3: FES</strong> Akihiko does not originally come to see the closing of the Dorm. He only arrives after Mitsuru calls him over, and he becomes trapped in the dorm with them. When they got the key to go to the past, he chose the present, and Ken Amada supported him. <strong>Persona: Trinity Soul</strong> Ten years after the events of Persona 3, Akihiko serves as an informant to Ryou Kanzato. Ryou is often seen talking to Akihiko about persona users and the Reverse cases on a cellphone. After Ryou disappears, Akihiko takes over as police chief. He reveals that he, Touru Inui, and Ryou Kanzato were part of some society that strives to not only cover up Persona phenomenon, but to prevent it from happening. Now an adult, Akihiko is no longer able to summon his Persona, with the exception of Ryou who took special drugs in order to summon his. Akihiko gathers Shin Kanzato, Megumi Kayano and Takuro Sakakiba to help him fight Marebito. <strong>~Information taken from <a href="http://megamitensei.wikia.com/wiki/Akihiko" target="_blank">http://megamitensei.wikia.com/wiki/Akihiko</a> ~</strong> <strong>Mitsuru Kirijo</strong> <img src="http://i228.photobucket.com/albums/ee8/lalalagirl55/art15-1.jpg" border="0" /> <strong>(WARNING! MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!)</strong> <strong>Persona 3 (Original)</strong> <strong> Date of birth: 8th May 1991 Zodiac: Taurus Height: 166 cm Blood Type: O Initial Persona: Penthesilea Ultimate Persona: Artemisia Weapons: Rapier Arcana: Empress</strong> Mitsuru Kirijo is the only child of Takeharu Kirijo, the head of the Kirijo Group. She is Gekkoukan High School's valedictorian and the student council president and is part of the school fencing team. She is one of the most respected and popular students at the school. Before the protagonist joins, and even to a degree after he joins, Mitsuru serves as the leader of S.E.E.S. due to her natural talent for leadership. Mitsuru has battled the Shadows longer than any of the other members of S.E.E.S., having been trained since a young age to use her Persona. Mitsuru was not naturally able to summon a Persona, however, her father forced her to learn how to. From the start of the game, Mitsuru serves to gather information for the party while they explore Tartarus. After Fuuka Yamagishi joins the team, Mitsuru becomes a combatant. Mitsuru initially hides many details about Tartarus and the Dark Hour from S.E.E.S. due to her guilt over her family's involvement with creating them. Her grandfather's goal of triggering Fall caused a majority of the problems that S.E.E.S. must overcome, and Mitsuru feels she alone bears the burden of restoring her families honor. Shuji Ikutsuki's betrayal and murder of her father destroys Mitsuru's will to fight. She feels that restoring the Kirijo family honor is pointless if she's the only remaining Kirijo. Yukari manages to connect with Mitsuru, and her persona becomes Artemisia. Mitsuru resolves to become the new head of the Kirijo group and to continue the fight with S.E.E.S.. The protagonist and Mitsuru have a good relationship from the start of the game. She offers rewards to him for high test scores and she pushes him to excel. If he has the highest level of Academics, then Mitsuru will date him. In this event, Mitsuru reveals that she has a fiance from an arranged marriage, and that he doesn't really care about her. She initially intends on marrying him anyway for the good of Kirijo group, however, a relationship with the protagonist will cause her to realize that that's not the best thing for her and she falls in love with him. <strong>In Persona 3: FES</strong> Mitsuru returns to her position as leader after the members of S.E.E.S. are trapped in the dorm. She has Aegis lead the raiding party in the Abyss of Time since Aegis now possesses the Wild Card. Mitsuru decides to research some old documents that she thinks might help answer why the abyss appeared. <strong>TRIVIA: </strong> ~In the manga adaption, during the hotspring incident, it's fully explained what exactly Mitsuru's execution is. Her "execution" is freezing others alive with her ice powers. ~In Persona 4, the new student council president of Gekkoukan High, Chihiro Fushimi, mentions that one of the former presidents helped her write her speech to the students of Yasogami High School during their visit. It is believed that Mitsuru is this president. <strong>~Information taken from <a href="http://megamitensei.wikia.com/wiki/Mitsuru_Kirijo" target="_blank">http://megamitensei.wikia.com/wiki/Mitsuru_Kirijo</a> ~</strong>

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ChibiDemon24 | May 11, 2010 7:39 AM
Hey all ^^
I love Akihiko & Mitsuru <3

darker_rizzie | Jan 9, 2010 1:32 AM
I'm vote for this couple. Thanks for making such a wondeful club :)

lalalagirl | Dec 2, 2009 10:06 PM
V haha no prob. ^^

OtomoMinato | Oct 29, 2009 3:33 AM
thanks for making this club...

lalalagirl | Oct 8, 2009 7:54 PM
V again, no problem :D

and yes, I believe they are perfect together as well <3 They are like the parents of P3 XD

Sora24 | Oct 5, 2009 5:41 AM
Thanks for the invite ^^

I love this couple, they are perfect together! ^0^

lalalagirl | Oct 4, 2009 9:21 PM
V no problem ^^. It's nice to know that there are akimitsu supporters out there haha :D

I love these two <3

SuperJuice | Oct 2, 2009 1:49 AM
Thank you for the invite. ^.^

This is a cute couple.

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