Mana-sama is a famous guitarsit from Japan who dreses very visual , i like to call him very ''Victorian'' anyway if you are a fan of his please feel free to posta ll you like , his new band is called Moi dix mois, he used to be in a band called Malice Mizer, When Mana was in Junior High, he told his parents he wanted a guitar so they bought him a folk guitar. He never used it. Instead, he went and bought an electric guitar by himself. At first, he liked heavy metal. Then he went into hard-core punk, which was really violent music. He saw lives and concerts, and they played their music really hard and the concert was chaotic. This really interested Mana. The punk-style hairdo or mohawk also interested him, so in high school he tried the mohawk hairstyle once, (they kept telling him to stop it, however, because his father was a teacher and he was getting nervous about it). In high school, Mana also belonged to the Handball Club because, he claims, it's a minor sport. Everyone tended to join the Soccer Club, the Basketball Club, etc., but even when Mana was younger he preferred doing something different, something not so popular. (He also belonged to the Art Club). And although he did sports, he didn't look like an athlete: Even when he went to a game, his hair was in a mohawk style, so he brought a really extreme visual look into his high school sports field(!). Also, Mana hated wearing a uniform in high school, (but they were not allowed to wear private clothing). So he stuck to changing the unform to his taste by lining the inside of his coat jacket with paisley patterns. Wearing his mohawk, Mana also played music and had a band with his friends but he didn't think about becoming a professional musician, (he wasn't serious about music). He didn't know what to do in the future. After high school graduation, Mana still hadn't decided on anything, but he knew he didn't want to be a businessman. Back then, he didn't have any aim or intention. He went to Osaka and lived there and then he had a group which played punk music. They didn't play hard-core but alley-punk. Gradually he realised he didn't want to play punk. In a way he realised his musical identity. Simply because he liked gaudy things, he started to wear make-up, but as he thought about his individuality, he gradually changed his mind and he started to feel his direction of music is not masculine. So did this lead to MALICE MIZER? Mana doesn't remember the actual reason, but he happened to be listening only to classical music at the time, (when he left for Osaka, he brought a lot of classical music tapes from his house), so he guessed he would like that field again, (he mainly liked Bach), and he has been attracted to mysterious things. Then he started to collect horror videos. He liked the background music of Italian horror movies, (really cool and mysterious). He was really inspired by that and he realised he wanted to play that kind of music because it has slight feelings of heavy metal, but the difference is the melody itself is really pathos, like classical music, so it was rather dull and heavy at the same time. He made up a group which played that kind of music.

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