My Kare/Kanojo is a Pilot-o!

A club devoted to all things Aviation(flying things), in anime form! We can talk about aircraft/spacecraft related anime, characters who are pilots/astronauts etc.

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Anyone here actually pilots themselves?
minfremi - Sep 30, 2018
2 replies by minfremi »»
Jul 3, 3:23 AM
Favorite Anime Pilot-o
tcalley - Mar 13, 2009
4 replies by Zack_Tosaka »»
Mar 7, 2010 6:06 AM

Club Comments
Yamsonkapparino | Sep 28, 2016 1:49 PM
Hey guys :)

Maurox | Nov 11, 2013 8:59 AM
Another title you missed is this:

Haven't watched it yet, but am about to.


Maurox | Jun 5, 2012 10:15 PM
BTW, I don't know if Admin visits this club anymore, but just in case - You might want to add "The Cockpit" OVAs, one of the finer works concerning aviation. Not very dynamic as it's pretty old, but still good.

Siddewing | Jun 5, 2012 11:07 AM
@Maurox I´ll keep with the jets, but the only props aircraft for passenger service that I like is the japanese YS-11. The one who wins the prize for fully computerized aircraft is Airbus ;) .

Maurox | Jun 5, 2012 8:34 AM
When it comes to the big birds I guess I prefer props after all. Connie, Stratocruiser, the two bombers I mentioned earlier... The way the engines and systems need to be tended to seems similar to big spaceships in space operas (hence the "warship" comparison). In jets, most of that is gone since it is controlled by a central computer, and human is there more as a precaution than an actual controller. Still, I'd rather be in something more nimble ;)

Siddewing | Jun 5, 2012 7:47 AM
@Maurox That´s right! I find quite ironic a 109 to be engined by a Merlin, I prefer 100 times more the original too ^_^.

Well, actually I´m an airliner fan :D, They have its charm ^_^. I absolutely agree that nowadays, jetliners are like big "Flying Computers" an the enchantment of flying them is nearly lost. There is involvement of autopilot in landing as well (CAT2, CAT3 landings). But for me, the most special airliner will be Concorde, actually, Concorde wasn´t just an airliner, It was something completely different that changed the world.

Maurox | Jun 4, 2012 8:09 PM
Aaah yes, Buchons. Though it took me a few months to learn that name, but I remember that after watching the BoB I thought "OK, this kind of looks like the Messer, but what the hell is wrong with it's cooler intake and prop spinner? O_o". In my, personal opinion, it looks like an Emil, but with a double chin - I prefer the original ^_^'

If it's airshows then I guess we don't have it that bad then. At least we used to have two or three bigger airshows a year (And I don't really count the smaller ones, because the most interesting airplane you can find there is This little baby.) Though one of the larger ones was canceled this year, though I don't know if it was due to security (Our infamous slavic approach to servicing machines...) or just plain money.

Also, can't say I understand why people love the airliners so much. They are big, slow, unmaneuverable and mostly fly in straight lines/can be set on auto-pilot except for the takeoff and landing... Large bombers at least packed a punch (My personal made-up term for B-17 and B-29, "Air warships" or even cooler sounding Japanese version - 空戦艦 (kuusenkan) xD), but airliners? :P

Siddewing | Jun 4, 2012 6:53 PM
@Maurox I knew the arrest cases WW2 pilots who helped the RAF (As I saw it on "A dark blue world" a film about Czech pilots) . Here in Spain there is a bit of Aviation heritage, not much as UK or USA, but most focus on the Civil war (Polikarpov I-16 is a very famous one here, along with the early series of Bf109) and for WW2, the sole contribution of Spain to the war was the "Division Azul" in the Eastern front.

Here in Spain, the only airshows that we have take place the 12th October in the Armed Forces day, and where I live there is an Airbus Factory where the A400M took its maiden flight. Also, there was a Spanish version of the Bf109 engined with a Merlin, the HA-1112 (if you saw Battle of Britain movie, the 109s were actuallly HA-1112s).

No problem, It is interesting to learn another point of view or opinion coming from another country same as I try to show the ones from the place where I come from, It is fun to learn and know about other countries ^_^

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