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Natsumi (七罪)

Age: Unknown
Code name: Witch
Spirit number: 7
Species: Spirit
Angel: Haniel
Weapon type: Broom
Astral Dress: YHVH Tzabaoth
Famous quote: "Hey Shido. Am I............really cute?"

Natsumi is the seventh Spirit to appear in the series. Natsumi has shapeshifting powers being able to turn anything into anything else within a range of 1 kilometer, including herself.

Natsumi's Angel, <Haniel>, besides being able to fly and transform objects or subjects, also has the unique ability of sending things into a different dimension through a mirror similar to Kurumi's shadow dimension. While in Natsumi’s personal dimension, the objects or subjects are put into a stasis field.

(Source: Date A Live Wikia)

Voice Actors
Barr, Katelyn
Mano, Ayumi