Tickle "Tilel" Selvatlos

Tickle Selvatlos

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Tickle Selvatlos (チルル / ティクル・セルヴァトロス)

Commonly known as Tilel, she is Wolx's Edel Raid. Despite the fact that he usually treats her horribly, Tilel sticks by him and has proven that she's willing to sacrifice her life for him. All that's known about her past is that she lived a harsh life on the streets before Wolx picked her up; the reason he was the first one to care about her is mainly why she's so in love with him.

In battle, Tilel is a "Djinn Defender", creating up to twelve plate shields that instinctively protect Wolx from damage. She can also transform into a giant hammer that can shoot out some of the plates as weapons.

Voice Actors
Kugimiya, Rie
Loewen, Jocelyne
Song, Do Yeong
Volpé, Isabelle