Xiaoli "Chrono Number X, Glin" Ling

Xiaoli Ling

Black Cat (TV)
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Black Cat
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Xiaoli Ling

Birthdate: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Blood Type: O
Height: 168cm
Weight: 57kg
Weapon: Seiren

Lin Shaolee in the manga
Took over as number X after his predecessor, Ash, was killed by Creed. Before entering the Chronos Numbers, his idol was Train Heartnet, due to his unique style of completing his missions. A master of quick-change and disguise, his nickname is "The Magician." His weapon, "Seiren", is a hagoromo, or a feather mantle, that is lined with orihalcon wires. This allows it to block attacks, or cut through metal with its edges. He plays a major role in two distinct parts of the story: The first one is when he, under disguise, convinces Train to head for the Apostles of The Stars' hideout, as Sephiria thinks that the Cerberus team should have support from Train, not by helping them, but as Sephiria thought that Train would want to eliminate Creed when he saw him. Unlike Sephiria's plan, Train, upon entering the castle, leaves Cerberus and the Apostles battling withouth making an intervention, and only rescues Rinslet. Also, in the Sweeper Alliance part, Lin disguises himself as "Grin", a character which is the founder of the Sweeper Alliance and plans to take the sweepers to Clarken Island to eliminate Creed, but actually he wants to use them as a diversion so that the Chrono Numbers can actually attack the headquarters unexpectedly. He created a video game that he distributed to every sweeper, which contained various intellectual and other tests, and only those who passed it should know the address of their final meeting where they would depart for Clarken Island.

(Some of the Source: Black Cat manga volume 11 between chapters 95 and 96)

Lin Shaolee in the anime
In the Anime, Lin did not appear until the Sweeper Alliance, and his role was different: He merely summoned the sweepers and granted them a place in the trip to Clarken Island instantaneously. He also attempted to persuade Train into rejoining Chronos once his identity had been revealed, a scene which occurred in the anime (Ep 17). He also shows a "darker" personality in the Anime, as in the manga he was an innocent Number who admired Train and just wanted to fight for world peace, but in the Anime his admiring for Train is more directed to "admiring his power", and he has no problems in offending the sweepers many times. He also accuses them of fighting without receiving nothing in return, which makes him sound a bit materialistic. But it seems his personality evolves as he shows a more sympathic side, which appears to start when he says, precisely, that sweepers are idiots for fighting without getting anything in return, but after a chat with Train, when they're helping townsfolk, Train asks him if he isn't one of those fools, and he answers smiling "You might be right".

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Quinto, Letícia
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