Orlin Dunhill

Rio: Rainbow Gate!
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Orlin Dunhill (オーリン・ダンヒル)

A gambler known as the Queen Killer (クィーンキラー Kuīn Kirā?) who came after Mint's bear. He challenges Rio to a closed poker match for it and makes a gamble to get all four Queens, but lost to Rio who wins with a pair of twos. It was later revealed that he collects stuffed animals to fulfill his sorrow from being dumped at the altar, and claims that Mint's bear is a rare Belgian collectible, only to find out from Elle and Ille that it isn't a Belgian original. He, along with Elvis, reappear later on to challenge Rio to a rematch game, only to lose to her again with Jack's aid.

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Voice Actors
Takagi, Wataru
Marnocha, Jason