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Romania (ルーマニア)
Nation's name: Republica Română (Republic of Romania)
Capital: Bucharest
Language: Romanian
Birthday: 1 December
National flower: Dog Rose
Height: Unknown
Age: Unknown

A new character added in 2011, Romania is depicted as a seemingly mischievous young man. He made his debut in volume four of the manga. In a recent colored drawing by Hidekaz Himaruya, he was shown having light reddish-brown hair and reddish eyes.

It was said that he and Hungary do not get along one bit, so much to the point where Hungary uses the names of famous Romanians to name her dogs. In response, most of the jokes native to Romania include Hungarians (much like the "Polack" jokes or the "In Soviet Russia..." jokes that most are familiar with).

According to his character profile by Hidekaz Himaruya, he has a "businesslike" relationship with Italy and Germany, and has recently tried becoming friends with Turkey.

In terms of personality, he is sly, eccentric, and somewhat careless, but very friendly. He is said to be able to perform black magic, much like England, and has a strong belief in the supernatural and occult, as well as folklore. However, he also has his romantic side, dreaming about fairy tales with princesses and the like. He is shown possessing fangs, most likely a reference to folklore stating that vampires come from Transylvania, which is located in Romania. Whether or not he is actually a vampire himself is currently unknown at this time. It was also shown that his left ear is pierced. It is unknown as to whether or not his right ear is pierced as well.

Voice Actors
Cline, Chad
Kodama, Takuya