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Seria Kumokawa (雲川 芹亞)

She is a character that so far has only appeared in volume SS2 and NT2. She's Kamijou Touma's senpai, a third year student going to same school as him and described as a genius. She's currently employed by Kaizumi Tsugutoshi as his adviser, one of the 12 members of the Academy City's Board of Directors. She's very knowledgeable in things happening on the Science side, knowing about Deep Blood, Imagine Breaker, and the Level 6 Shift project. Personally she's very interested in Touma and his ability Imagine Breaker, but not romantically. To resolve the issue of governments and/or various other agencies from forcibly taking control of natural born espers, or 'gemstones' in SS2, to try and build another esper research facility (even though according to her the chance of them discovering a way before they end up killing the gemstones like lab rats is zero) opposed to Academy City, she proposed using the SISTER clones that's going through adjustment in various parts of the world to collect the 50 or so 'gemstones' and keep them under their protection. It is implied she made some sort of deal with Heaven Canceller in order for the SISTER clones to be mobilised.

She's also mentioned in passing in Volume 19, when GROUP needed an ally on the Board of Directors to fight against the Director after them they ruled out Kaizumi as a option, since Seria would not be fooled easily and might advise Kaizumi against helping them.

Voice Actors
Fujii, Yukiyo