Souichi "Black Sheep of the Tsujii Family" Tsujii

Souichi Tsujii

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Souichi Tsujii (辻井 双一)

Likes: Strawberry-flavored shaved ice, voodoo, jokes
Dislikes: Studying, family, birthdays

He insists that he was born on June 6, at precisely 6:06 and 6 seconds, though his actual birthday is May 3. An eccentric oddball of an 11-year-old who specializes in voodoo and enjoys causing havoc against various people. Souichi apparently suffers from a rare disease in which he must have a constant source of iron in his blood—as a result, he is almost always seen chewing iron nails in his mouth.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Mitsuya, Yuuji
Tindle, Austin