Kitori "Kitri Parveneh, Seilane Balnock" Palvanaff

Kitori Palvanaff

Area 88 (TV)
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Area 88
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Kitori Palvanaff (キトリ・パルヴァーネフ)
Only daughter of the King of Asran and cousin of Saki Vashtal, she was sent to Area 88 as the base's only female freelance pilot. She lived in Area 88 as one of the boys, fighting alongside them under the base's terms. She takes a liking for Kim for being the youngest freelancer to serve in the Asranian air force and loves to tease him. Later on, she also take a liking for Makoto as she finds him friendly. She was mystified with Shin's personality, finding him cold and alone, though the two are on good terms. Kitori only appears in the 2004 anime. Kitori sports an emblem consisting of three red arrows against a red bow, and flies a Mirage F1. She appears in the manga as Seilane Balnock, who dies with Mickey in the final battle.

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Voice Actors
Kobayashi, Sanae
Dutron, Olivia