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Bell Hydra (ハイドラ・ベル)

Bell Hydra is a sorceress of highest quality and meets Fuyumi and Staz after they use her gateway connecting the Demon World and Earth. Bell uses spatial magic which allows her to travel through gaps in space in order to reach a different destination. The Hydra is able to transport to anywhere just by willing it, while Bell requires a frame to jump through. By opening a frame or space, one is also able to see through it, like a window, allowing for someone to be spied on. She can also use her spatial magic to transport others or form portals that can redirect physical and magical attacks. She can also use her magic to dismember limbs by closing the frame around a person, such as she demonstrated when she captured and detained Akim. Through out the series, Bell helps to resurrect Fuyumi. Using her spatial magic, Bell often finds out information related to the dark plot brewing amongst the other characters of the story, but doesn't always tell others, and instead keeps to herself for later use.

Voice Actors
Schadt, Shandra
Buckland, Kira
Bridcutt, Sarah Emi
Saroli, Delphine