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Seborga (セボルガ)
Nation's name: Principato di Seborga (Principality of Seborga)
Capital: N/A
Language: Italian, Ligurian, and English
Birthday: Unknown
National flower: N/A

Height: Unknown
Age: Unknown (but is generally recognized as being a few years older than Sealand and Wy)

Seborga is a self-proclaimed micronation in northwest Italy near the French border. He was added to the Hetalia cast by Hidekaz Himaruya in 2010. He has reddish-brown hair, green eyes, and an asymmetrical ahoge similar to the Italy Brothers’ that sticks out on the left side of his head.

His general appearance is recognized as being a combination of the Italy Brothers', but it is currently unknown what their relationship is like and if they are blood related to him or not. The three of them, however, were shown together in a sketch by Hidekaz Himaruya, working at a restaurant it seemed.

His personality seems to be somewhat passive, based on the fact that he declared his independence centuries ago, but he still continued to live in Italy peacefully and never really fought or pressured anyone to achieve his independence. He is also described as being a womanizer, going so far as to encourage Italy to bring a pretty girl with him the next time he visits. In one strip, he tells Wy that if she were a little older, he’d make a pass at her.

Also to note is that Seborga has a history as an independent being before he became a part of Italy, which makes him stand out from other self-proclaimed micronations like Wy and Sealand.

Voice Actors
Okamoto, Hiroshi
Tindle, Austin