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Keith (キース)

Keith, a young man in the Country of Sacred Law tries to protect which he holds dear to him. One of the village youth (most notably the village that Noah was guest at, which's Neotopia) that attacked Noah. At first, he assumed that Noa was some enemy soldier, or spy, working for the government when he saw Noa looking at the monument at the cliff near the village he was staying at. His Spirit is a centurion type of beast. While most people enlist in the Neotopian army as soon as possible, Keith rejects this way of life, seeming to only want to have fun. He fights with Gale after he wounds Aisha. Along with Gale, he was assumed to be dead, but turns up in Templer as a prisoner escaped from Neotopia. His wounds were healed by the government of Neotopia only so that he could later be executed for treason.

Zed and Roya are asked to escort him back to Neotopia. However, due to some circumstances during the shifting teleportation, Keith, Zed, and Roya end up in the land of Tusk. Noa, now indoctrinated into the laws of Neotopia, finally meets Zed in Tusk, and executes Keith by order of the government after Zed leaves.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Nara, Tooru
Hearnsberger, Brandon
Wiggins, Jérôme