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Rebecca (レベッカ)

A princess who is the last surviving member of the Zymot royal family. Seeing Zed's powerful Spirit, she asks for his help to regain her country.

Rebecca, a beautiful young girl, is the princess of Zymot. After Hugh had lusted to attain the power of the key Spirits, he attempted to steal one of these key Spirits which was in the hands of Rebecca's father, who had been the king of Zymot. Before the supposed death of the king, however, he placed the Spirit within the crest on Rebecca's head. Rebecca is saved by her retainer, Elda, after being captured by Hugh. At one time, after being saved, she stayed with Zed and Roya at their house. After she found out that Zed wields the mighty Amil Gaoul, she asked Zed to accompany her to Zymot, as to serve amongst her established defense against Hugh.

Hugh gets his hands on her and tricks Dumas into thinking that he can become the new king of Zymot if he is to marry her. Rebecca soon finds out that her father was alive, because only he can release the Spirit from Rebecca's forehead. After this task was completed, Hugh kills Rebecca's father and lets Rebecca do whatever she wanted, since she became useless to him. Rebecca then travelled into the desert area, blurting the words that she would have liked to be reborn as a bird, so as to be free of her misery.

Rebecca is "reborn" as a warrior, and vows revenge against Hugh. To achieve her goal, she allies with the people of Kalbu-fu as a primary force against Zymot, which is because she had heard that Zymot was planning on launching an attack against that area. Zed and Roya soon assist Rebecca, in which they then end up battling against many soldiers of Zymot. After Rebecca spots Hugh, she attempts to run after him, but is soon stopped by Elmeida. A while after this, Rebecca battles relentlessly against Elmeida. However, Rebecca, who jumps in the way as to save one of her fellow people of Kalbu-fu, is stabbed by Elmeida's blade. After Zymot retreats, Rebecca lies on her bed for the last time. She utters how she now feels truly free of her inner hatred, she then dies in peace, without any regret.

Rebbecca's Spirit - Rebecca's Spirit is a lightning type Spirit called Ariel. Its main attacks are lightnings cast forth from its arms. Ariel can also be controlled even if Rebecca is far away from Ariel.

Voice Actors
Inoue, Marina
Varghese, Serena
Jeong, Hye Ok
Marulanda, Shirley