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Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED C.E. 73: Stargazer
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Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED C.E.73 Stargazer
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Sven Cal Bayang (スウェン・カル・バヤン)

Sven Cal Bayang is a 20-year old male Natural who is a member of the Phantom Pain special forces and pilots the GAT-X105E Strike Noir. His teammates consist of Mudie Holcroft and Shams Couza.

During the Break the World incident, Sven and Shams watch while the ruins of Junius Seven come crashing down onto Earth, at this time, Mudie comes and informs them that they may be going into battle soon. Later at an Earth Alliance base, top officials discuss reports of ZAFT terrorists attacking Earth Alliance forces bases, because of this, Sven's Phantom Pain group is dispatched to assist one of the Earth Alliance forces bases being assaulted by the ZAFT terrorists.

Sven and his team are able to arrive in time to save the base and easily destroy the ZAFT. At the commander center, Sven's commander noted with his superiors that the insurgents were a lot better armed than expected most likely because they believed they were going to face the Destroy units and he suggested they refrain from launching a full-scale retaliation. Later, in a bar Sven, Mudie, and Shams along with other Alliance soldiers watch a video that was made by the three children who piloted the GINN Insurgent Type in South America. It is revealed that the children had lost their parents, who were Coordinators, to Naturals and thus called for the extermination of Blue Cosmos and Naturals. At the same time Sven has a flashback to his childhood where he wanted to become an Astronomer. Unfortunately, his parents are killed in a terrorist bombing at a space museum and thus he is taken into the anti-coordinator training program for the Alliance.

Later on, Sven and a team of GAT-01A2R Slaughter Dagger units are ordered to eliminate a Coordinator refugee camp which is believed to be training terrorists. Sven questions if his targets are only the terrorists but his superior asks him if he can distinguish between terrorists and civilians, and he says he does not know. The team lands in front of shocked refugees and Sven has another flashback of his training at the anti-coordinator program. Muruta Azrael appears in Sven's flashback seemingly watching over Sven's progress. Sven then gives the order and the entire camp is slaughtered with himself standing over the ruins in the aftermath.

On a cold northern plain of Russia the Earth Alliance ground carrier Bonaparte, which is carrying a GFAS-X1 Destroy, is under attack by several ZAFT units. Sven and team engage in battle with several BuCUEs equipped with Beam Fangs, Unfortunately, Mudie's Blu Duel is eventually mauled by the BuCUEs resulting in her death, much to a dismayed Shams. Sven does not seem to show any emotion after this, unlike Shams.

Later onboard the carrier, Sven passes by Neo Roanoke and Sting Oakley who are carrying Stella Loussier on a stretcher. Shams wonders what was going on and Sven comments that "it" was probably a ruined "extended" seeing as how they don't live long. Shams then informs Sven of their new orders to infiltrate DSSD and steal the new mobile suit being produced there and have full authorization to use whatever means necessary.

After heading into space, Sven and the Phantom Pain team attack the DSSD space station while Selene McGriff sorties in the Stargazer and uses its Voiture Lumiere as an offensive weapon. While engaged in combat with the Stargazer, Sven is caught off guard after hearing of Sham's death and the destruction of the Verde Buster and Selene is able to cut off one of Noir's arms. Selene orders DSSD to fire the propulsion beam, which hurls the Stargazer and the Strike Noir out near Venus. After salvaging energy from the Strike Noir, Selene brings Sven aboard the Stargazer and sets a course for Earth using the Stargazer's solar sails. She also administered a drug to knock both of them out for a maximum period of 27 days to conserve their remaining energy. They were found 669 hours (27 days and 21 hours) later by Sol Lyne Lange, but they failed to respond when he tries to wake them up at the end of the episode.

Voice Actors
Ono, Daisuke
Hayamizu, Risa