Sasaki to Pii-chan
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Sasaki to Pii-chan: Isekai de Slow Life wo Tanoshimou to Shitara, Gendai de Inou Battle ni Makikomareta Ken - Mahou Shoujo ga Up wo Hajimeta you desu
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Sasaki to Pii-chan
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Sasaki (佐々木)

Age: 39

Sasaki is very mature and polite. He always tries to resolve things in calm reasonable way. Due to his maturity and hard work he is easily depended on by everyone.

Sasaki is also very compassionate, as he always comforts Otonari and he tried to offer help to Magical Pink, thinking she might be lost child. This also applies in his work, as he makes sure that all his workers are properly rewarded like French.

He is a huge animal lover. He loves watching animal videos in free time.

(Source: sasaki-and-peeps.fandom)

Voice Actors
Sugita, Tomokazu
Rinehart, Tyson