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Übel (ユーベル)

Übel is a female human mage and a member of the Continental Magic Association. She is very proficient in cleaving magic, an invisible magic that is able to cut through anything within a five-meter radius, so long as she can imagine it to be cut. She is stated to cast her magic through feel, rather than logical analysis like most other mages. This also gives her the ability to learn the magic of others by empathizing with and understanding their emotions and true nature.

She is heavily implied to be responsible for a series of murders during her time as a third-class mage and was disqualified from her second-class exam for killing one of the first-class proctors responsible for one of the tests.

Voice Actors
Hasegawa, Ikumi
Berry, Morgan
Marciano, Thayná
Portuguese (BR)
Labidi, Sara
Philippe, Lauryanne
Hidalgo, Nayeli