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Hong Kong

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Hong Kong (香港)
Nation’s name: 中華人民共和國香港特別行政區 (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China)
Capital: N/A
Language: Chinese and English
Birthday: Unknown (though it is speculated that it may be July 1st, Hong Kong's Establishment Day)
National flower: Bauhinia Blakeana

Height: Unknown
Age: Unknown

Hong Kong is a returned British Colony. He was under the control of England and considered the property of England for many years.

In the drama CD, “Hetalia Fantasia,” Hong Kong acts as China’s assistant. He comments that China works him too hard, and that he wants to go home. Hong Kong also calls China “teacher.” It is speculated that Hong Kong was raised by China, and that China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan are like siblings to him.

Back when he was controlled by England, he often lit firecrackers at festivals, startling England and thus getting a giant scolding by him. It is unsure whether that was the reason or not, but England cursed Hong Kong to have thick eyebrows. His eyebrows are not as thick as England’s, but are notably thicker than any of the other characters’ in the series. When England showed up in Hetalia Fantasia, Hong Kong happily greets him saying, “Oh, it’s England. Long time no see.” However, England is hesitant in greeting him back and pauses between words, possibly indicating that their present relations aren’t very sound.

His personality is that of which you can’t really tell what he’s thinking, and his way of talking and his accent is a mix of English and Japanese, making it hard to understand him sometimes (he speaks in a Gyaru-o dialect). He shows little emotion, but is said to be quite the trickster. Hong Kong appears to be afraid of the dark, admires Jackie Chan, and seems to have liked drawing explicit pictures (something that he promised China that he would never do again).

Although his official human name has not been decided, Hidekaz Himaruya revealed in a blog post that he has considered “Leon,” “Li Xiao Chun” (Lei Siu Chun), and “Wang Jia Long” (Wong Kha Loung) as possible names. Since the decision has not been made final, fans often render his name as “Kaoru,” which in Japanese means “scent” or “fragrance” going along with “Hong Kong,” which in Cantonese means “fragrant harbor.”

Voice Actors
Takagi, Motoki